Admissions key dates & details for secondary and primary phase  

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Admissions Rotherly Nursery 

Admissions dates & Details for Secondary & Primary Phase 

The Early Years Foundation Stage Provision


For in-year admissions (Years R-11), please contact

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Our admissions policy located with our other polices here.

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The Early Years Foundation Stage provision at The Westgate School ~ Year R


For all admissions queries, please contact 01962 854757 or email

Admission criteria and further details can be found at the top of this page here

Our children are nurtured within a play based curriculum which is broad and balanced using indoors and outdoors spaces with both adult led and child initiated learning. The play is enjoyable, devised to promote thinking and problem solving, and improve language competence and encourage the exploration and investigation of materials. Our specialist Early Years Foundation Stage Leader oversees provision in both our Lower School Reception Year and our Nursery, ensuring continuity for all children who progress through this route as well as from other settings.  

Our aim throughout the Westgate Early Years is to provide every child with a happy, secure and stimulating environment in partnership with parents and carers. We believe every child is unique and our Early Years’ Team have high expectations of what all our children can achieve. We support each individual to overcome any barriers to learning so that they can reach their potential. The Early Years Foundation is framed around the characteristics of effective learning.

  • playing

  • exploring

  • active learning

  • creating

  • thinking critically


These provide a framework for learning upon which our curriculum in the Primary and Secondary Phase are built. We believe that a firm foundation in Year R and an early mastery of the basic skills enables all pupils to successfully access the wider curriculum as they progress through the primary years and beyond. 

Initial reading and writing skills are taught in Reception using the Government Letters and Sounds scheme which provides pupils with a rigorous and thorough grounding. 

Early Mathematical skills are taught using concrete resources and though purposeful play.  Children are taught to apply their early skills in different everyday situations.


Nursery admissions

For all admissions queries, please contact 01962 854757 or email

If you are interested in a place at our nursery, please complete the ‘Expression of Interest Form which is available online, and from the nursery. Please indicate which days you are interested in booking, your child’s date of birth (or expected due date) and commencement date.  Please be specific on which days, the quantity of days are required and flexibility, where possible. It is important to inform us of any changes which may affect your place allocation. The admissions team will contact you at intervals during your time on the waiting list and when a place may be available.


Our Expression of Interest Form can be found here


Send all completed documents to:

Rotherly, The Westgate’s Day Nursery, The Westgate School, Cheriton Road, Winchester. SO22 5AZ  or via email to



Places are allocated in the nursery by the following priorities:


Priority 1: An existing family (where requiring extra sessions) and/or a sibling of a child already attending The Westgate nursery, lower and upper school. Children of a Westgate employee.

Priority 2: All other applicants, in date order, from date of receipt.



When a place becomes available, you will receive an offer along with a formal offer letter, a Child Entry Record form, a Medical Requirements form and a deposit request for 50% of a month’s fees, which is returnable from the last months fees. This deposit is Non-Refundable if you withdraw from an accepted place prior to the start date.


Once we have received a deposit payment, your place will be confirmed and you will be contacted nearer to the start date to arrange induction visits and discuss any medical or dietary requirements for your child.


Please note: a place at the Rotherly, The Westgate’s Day Nursery does not guarantee a future place at The Westgate School.

Sessions and Fees:

Please click here to view the latest Nursery sessions and fees from September 2020

The Westgate School is a community of learners where partnerships inspire success for all: 

Learning Together  - Achieving Excellence





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