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Attendance - Secondary Phase

Our approach:

Being a high achieving, successful learning community only happens as a result of genuine

collaboration. Therefore, we choose to work in partnership with parents, in order to improve attendance. We do this because of the genuine correlation between achievement and attendance in our school. This is shown in the table below taken from our GCSE results:

Attendance of pupil 
95 - 99%
90 - 95%
85 - 90%
Below 85%
Percentage of pupils who achieved a pass (grade 9 - 4 ) in English & Maths GCSE
How we work in partnership

  • We continually monitor attendance of every pupil in our school.

  • We contact parents immediately if we have any concerns.

  • We keep in contact with parents at every stage.

  • We will create a plan around the child if needed.

  • We can visit pupils at home.



What parents can do to ensure good attendance at school


Parental support can have a key influence on a child's attendance and parents/carers can do much to encourage pupils to attend. Good school attendance habits are best started early. Children learn from those around them and you as parents/carers set the standards and expectations for your child. Showing your child the importance of attending school every day not only helps your child to settle quickly when starting school but helps them to keep and maintain friendships and enjoy the school environment.



Top tips for parents


  • Create good routines for mornings at home so that your child can arrive punctually and they are properly equipped; this will also mean your mornings can start calmly too.

  • Be organised, have a plan, be consistent and involve your child.

  • Make time to encourage and show interest. Chat to them about the things they have learnt, what friends they have made and even what they had for lunch! Remember children can be tired when coming out of school, so a short chat over a snack or later that evening may produce a better result than a long list of questions

  • Read all school communications.

  • Attend school open evenings and functions.

  • Check your child understands the homework and that it has been completed. Support them in completing homework by creating a calm space for them to work in and set specific times during the week when homework should be done.

  • Share any education concerns your child or you may have with your child’s Tutor.

  • Set realistic boundaries and sanctions.

  • Make doctors and dental appointments out of school hours. Absence means your child will miss learning and these will affect their overall attendance.

  • If your son/daughter is too unwell to come to school, please contact reception on 01962 854757.



It is equally important that pupils are on time and arrive at school ready to enter their tutor room at 8.30am. Similar to attendance, we will monitor pupil lateness and notify parents/carers of any concerns.

Authorised Absence Request

Authorised Absence Requests can be made for exceptional circumstances. For further details or if you would like to request an authorised absence please click here.


Should you have any questions about your son/daughters attendance or punctuality please contact the Assistant Year Leader or Year Leader using contact@westgate.hants.sch.uk.  We really do want to work in partnership, in order to improve outcomes for your son/daughter.