KS1 Christmas Celebration

It's been my pleasure today to welcome families to our Key Stage 1 Christmas Celebration and, to our Year R nativity. It's really lovely to see the school community joining together in such a warm and supportive way for our children.

School Election 2019

Thank you to Mrs Sambrook for organising our in-school election today! It's great to see pupils engaging with the process of democracy!

A Big Thank You!

Well done Team Westgate: we've raised £1,511.29 for Children in Need! Thank you to everybody for your contributions!

PSA Christmas Fair

Thank you so much to everybody for your support of the PSA Christmas Fair - we are looking forwards to this on Saturday!

Year 5 Creative Writing

It's been a joy to read the creative writing from Year 5 pupils from which I will choose a reading for our Carol Concert next week! Thank you!

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