Careers Education and Guidance

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Careers Lead - Mr Searle 

Associate Senior Leader

Our Careers Education Intent 2021/22:
  • To excite and motivate pupils’ curiosity about different careers and industries;

  • To inspire pupils’ aspirations in order to unlock their potential;

  • To empower pupils to challenge stereotyping and discrimination and other barriers to diversity and equality in further education and careers.

Our Careers Education Implementation 2021/22:


 Our Careers Education Impact 2021/22:


Information for pupils:

We hope you like the look of our Careers programme for this year and value the range of experiences which have been planned to support you as you explore and discover a variety of careers. We also have a fantastic careers advisor in school who is an expert in providing advice and guidance – whether you know what career you want or you’re not sure yet If you would like to book a careers advisor appointment, please complete the form below:

Information for parents, employers, employees and alumni:

Please follow the link above to our calendared events for this year. We welcome any offers of support for our careers programme. You may like to offer to talk to pupils about your career in a particular field or share your career journey. In our programme, we have built in opportunities for pupils to experience a wide range of careers from Science, Technology and the field of Mathematics, as well as creative careers in the Arts, Publishing, Journalism and Design and Business. In fact, the more diverse the better, as it enables pupils to widen their opportunities on offer. If you would like to get involved please contact: careers lead or

Year 11 destination data:

​The progress of pupils onto other destinations is incredibly important to us and every year we evaluate where our pupils choose to study for post-16. HCC produce destination data which can be found below:

Statutory Requirements and Provider Access Policy

​The careers provision at The Westgate School is in line with the statutory guidance developed by the Department of Education, which refers to Section 42A and 45A of the Education Act 1997: as a school we provide independent careers guidance from Year 7 to Year 11. This guidance is impartial and gives information on a range of pathways and post-16 education providers, including university options, apprenticeships and further education. It is adapted to meet the needs and interests of the individual pupils.

This will be reviewed and revised December 2021.

Please find our Provider Access Policy here.