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“Theatre is the art of looking at ourselves”

Our Drama curriculum intends to:

Develop pupils’ confidence, expressive skills, creativity and emotional intelligence.
Develop greater cultural capital through broadening their knowledge and understanding of variety of dramatic styles and genre.
Give opportunities to contribute to the school and wider community.

Secondary Choices Process 

Why Learn Drama?

Drama engages and encourages pupils to become confident performers and designers with the skills their need for a bright and successful future. As much opportunity as possible to do what they like best – participate in performance. Pupils will devise drama and explore play texts practically.

In Learning to Perform Drama pupils will learn how to commit dialogue to memory for devised performances and/or learn text for text-based performances. They will also develop the ability to interpret and/or create and perform a character as appropriate to the develop an appropriate performer/audience relationship and ensure sustained engagement

Course content:

From Year 7 pupils explore a range of different genres and drama techniques, building their confidence and self awareness. Many pupils opt to supplement their formal learning by joining our popular after school Drama club. In this they are given the opportunity to work with older pupils and participate in our annual performances.

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