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“Becoming an active communicator in the world’s global village”

Our Languages Curriculum intends to:

Broaden pupils’ horizons by developing a passion for languages and cultures and recognise the additional career opportunities open to people who speak an additional language.
Ensure that every pupil is encouraged and supported to study a language for GCSE.
Encourage a growth mind-set in pupils to learning a new language and develop the confidence to communicate.

Secondary Choices Process 

Overview of the Course:

The learning of a language encourages respect for other people; it fosters an understanding of the interrelation of language and human nature. Studying any foreign language will broaden minds and give pupils a better insight into the world around us. It will encourage empathy as an individual. It demonstrates openness to society and an ability to communicate with others on all levels. The learning of a language supports an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Pupils will continue to study the language they have learnt at Westgate since Year 7.

German is offered as a GCSE starting in Year 9 (dependant on pupil numbers). Several trips run throughout the year to complement the learning of languages and broaden pupils’ cultural experiences.