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“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”

At The Westgate School our Photography curriculum intends to:

Develop intuition, reasoning, imagination and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication.
Promote self-esteem, while teaching us to respect each other and show empathy for each other’s individual identities.
Give space to think openly and to have confidence in our own opinions on life and the world around us.
Encourage a culture of questioners rather than a culture of responder.

Secondary Choices Process 

Course content:

Photography sit within the Art Department and is a course we offer from Year 9 onwards. During the course of Year 9 pupils will explore this new subject area and build the foundation skills that are required for the GCSE course which will begin in Year 10.

When going into Year 10 we do not recommend that pupils take 2 or more of the Arts as the demands on your time will be substantial. Pupils often spend many additional hours at our after school club or at home working on their Arts projects and it is hard to give enough time if you are trying to build two portfolios.

Photography looks to explore:

  • The ability to explore formal elements of visual language; line, form, colour, tone, pattern, texture, in the context of lens-based and light-based media.

  • Investigating different ways of working as appropriate to their chosen area (s) of learning

  • Responding to an issue, theme, concept or idea, or working to a design brief

  • Showing in their work the use of viewpoint, composition, focus control, movement and narrative

  • Using appropriate techniques, technologies and equipment for recording images and lighting subjects

  • Showing an understanding of the manipulation and production qualities of still and moving images

Knowledge and Understanding:

Pupils will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • How ideas, feelings and meanings are conveyed and interpreted in images, artefacts and products in their chosen area(s) of learning in Photography: lens-based and light-based media

  • Historical and contemporary developments and different styles and genres in relation to Photography: lens-based and light-based media

  • How images, artefacts and products relate to social, historical, vocational and cultural contexts

  • A variety of approaches, methods and intentions of contemporary and historical artists, craftspeople and designers from different cultures and their contribution to continuity and change in society within their chosen area(s) of learning in Photography: lens-based and light-based media

  • A working vocabulary and knowledge of specialist terms relevant to their chosen area(s) of learning within Photography: lens-based and light-based media.

  • Still Life photography, (working from natural or manufactured objects).

  • Documentary photography, photo journalism, narrative photography, reportage

  • Photography involving a moving image, (television, film and animation).

  • New media practice such as computer manipulated photography and photographic projections.

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