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The Wellbeing Curriculum

“Building resilience in a modern world”.

Our wellbeing curriculum intends to:

Promote emotional wellbeing and mental health.
Embed an understanding of how to remain resilient and self-aware of pressures.
Consider how physical activity can promote well-being for all.
Consider how we can support others in our community.

Secondary Choices Process 


At The Westgate School we make the wellbeing of the individual a top priority: academic success can only come from feeling emotionally safe and secure. In order to become confident and resilient individuals, young people need to be taught the skills to look after their emotional and physical wellbeing therefore, our academic curriculum is supplemented by a school-designed curriculum for wellbeing that is led by pupils and, our school's lead for mental health, Mrs. Woodall - Head of primary phase.

The school year is punctuated by 'Wellbeing Days' in which all pupils participate. Parents and carers are invited to support these events and regular Partners in Learning opportunities also aim to help parents and carers to deepen their skills in supporting their child's wellbeing.