Teaching colleagues are passionate about making learning in their subject applicable to life outside of school. At the Westgate, pupils will have opportunities to participate in planned enrichment activities that are integral to the way in which our curriculum is taught. Examples of this might include a visit to Portchester Castle as part of the history curriculum; field work in Geography and regular theatre visits to enrich pupils’ learning in Drama. Learning outside of the classroom begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage where the concept of free-flow, children moving their learning to different settings, is encouraged and supported through the design of our fantastic buildings.

Similarly, we encourage pupils to learn together through enrichment activities such as participating in our regular music concerts. Our bands and choirs are varied and represent a range of experience. It is also not unusual to see adult members of our school community participating in musical events – another example of our community of learning in practice. In the Lower School, pupils will take part in music and drama, supported by older pupils and specialist teachers. A highlight of our school calendar is our carol concert in Winchester Cathedral which sees performances representative of all members of our learning community, including the participation of all pupils in Year 7.

In addition to structured enrichment activities, the School has a wide range of clubs that support learning and foster enthusiasm for a subject. Pupils can choose to attend Art, Science, MFL, Tech and English clubs where they are immersed in extended learning and are supported informally by specialist teaching colleagues. The Studio with TA's or in the Learning Resource Centre with other pupils and prefects offer provides additional support at our Home Learning Club.


At The Westgate we believe that deep learning is key to success: children and young pupils must have  opportunities to spend extended amounts amounts of time practising their skills and gaining knowledge on a deep conceptual level. To that end, our school year is punctuated b days when the timetable is adjusted to allow pupils to spend a whole day in a specific area of learning that may be linked to their GCSE option choices or indeed, may follow a whole school theme. During Deep Learning Days, it is not unusual to see older pupils working with younger pupils or indeed, learning in different settings and benefiting from the rich learning that our setting has to offer.


Every week some trip or educational visit takes place for some of our pupils. We believe strongly that for a full and rounded education our pupils need to actually go outside the school grounds!


In a time of increasingly fewer opportunities being offered by most schools, we have continued to promote and support offsite activities. Feedback from pupils, staff and parent is extremely positive.

Please look at some of the trips being run this year. This is list is by no means exhaustive, but gives you a flavour of the enrichment activities The Westgate offers. 

Please click here to view the current educational trips offered at The Westgate School. For more information on the trips we offer please email contact@westgate.hants.sch.uk and this will directed to the Trips Co-ordinator

Discovery Days

Discovery Days is one of the highlights of the school year and a time that colleagues and pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 always look forward to.  Follow us on twitter @twsallthrough to hear up to date news about the hundreds of activities on offer to pupils throughout the week.

On offer is a wide range of activities designed to expand our pupils' educational experience beyond the curriculum.  Many of the activities aim to develop enterprise and business skills, such as team-building, decision-making and risk-taking.  Some activities are largely practical, encompassing sport, art and design, dance or drama, while others offer significant cultural enrichment with visits to theatres, zoos or museums.

Summer Camps

Every year we hold a Summer Camp at The Westgate School for pupils who have just left primary school and who will be joining us in September.

The camp provides an ideal opportunity for prospective pupils to meet their tutor group, meet some of their future teachers and familiarise themselves with the school grounds and layout.

During the Summer Camp, children take part in a wide range of fun and educational activities including drama, art, cooking, off-site trips and sport. The emphasis is on making learning fun and preparing the new pupils so that they settle more easily into school when they arrive in September.

The camp runs from 9am until 4 pm every day for 3 days. Pupil may attend an individual day but it is recommended that they attend all 3. Pupils can buy a full range of food from one of our catering outlets, The Hub or bring their own packed lunches. Aims of the summer camp:

  • Meet and make friends with your new tutor group

  • Develop team-building skills

  • Get to know the teachers and school

  • Increase your knowledge of the many interesting subjects you will take at The Westgate School

  • Develop new practical and problem solving skills

  • Develop ICT presentation and communication skills

  • Develop evaluation and reflection skills



Become an Upcyclist!

  • How can waste materials be used to make new products?

  • How can unused and unwanted items be reused for another purpose?

  • How can resources be used in a more sustainable way?





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