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School Trips

Summer and Overnight Camps

Every year we hold a Summer Camp at The Westgate School for pupils who have just left primary school and who will be joining us in September.

The camp provides an ideal opportunity for prospective pupils to meet their tutor group, meet some of their future teachers and familiarise themselves with the school grounds and layout.

During the Summer Camp, children take part in a wide range of fun and educational activities including drama, art, cooking, off-site trips and sport. The emphasis is on making learning fun and preparing the new pupils so that they settle more easily into school when they arrive in September.

The camp runs from 9 am until 4 pm every day for three days. Pupils may attend an individual day but it is recommended that they attend all three. Pupils can buy a full range of food from one of our catering outlets, The Hub or bring their own packed lunches.

Once our pupils have joined us we then run an overnight camp for each House. During this on-site event pupils have a chance to bond even closer with their Tutor group and continue with their experiences of working together and building resilience.

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