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The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a nationally recognised scheme designed to extend the life experiences of young people.  We are the biggest DofE school centre in Hampshire.

10 Step eDofE User Guide for Participants
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Participants choose to support our school community through volunteering to read with Primary Phase pupils or, by helping at after school clubs. Others look further afield and volunteer in our local communities. Pupils are required to engage in a range of skills that may include:  producing art, musical compositions or learning a new sport.

Perhaps the most exciting section is the Expedition. We work with pupils in planning their routes, choosing and cooking their foods and how to pack and carry their loads over the two-day journey. We start small with pupils walking for a day with small day-sacks then progress to carrying and cooking food outdoors before the Practice and Assessed Expeditions. Throughout the whole adventure our large number of trained colleagues are on hand to guide and support.

Parents are also helped:

For many, it is the first time that they have had to let their child lead the way - but it's a wonderful opportunity for young people and something that we are proud to offer in our school. At The Westgate School we have a thriving DofE group with over 90 Year 9 and 10 pupils participating each year. In Year 9 pupils may start their DoFe adventure by completing the Bronze Award and then in Year 10 they can continue onto the Silver Award.

We carry out training after school and then in the summer term travel across the South Down's Way to complete our expedition section.

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