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GCSE Information

Attendance at exams


Attendance is vital in this last year. Every day missed has an effect and poor attendance clearly affects results. Even more important is ensuring that pupils attend all examinations and arrive in good time to ensure that they are mentally prepared to walk into their exams and achieve their best. We work closely with our Attendance Manager, and penalty issues may be issued, should attendance be poor.


It is vital that you help and support your child plan and structure revision time, ensuring the build-up to both Mock exams and the real GCSEs is used effectively.

Work and well being

Year 11 can be a stressful year as pupils prepare for their examinations. We follow a programme in Tutor time which tries to anticipate possible issues in terms of stress. Possible helpful site: - exam-stressanxiety

GCSE Resit Exams


GCSE resit exams are running from Monday 1st November until Wednesday 1st December.


If you would like to sit an exam please click here to complete the form and return it to the school with a cheque in an envelope marked for the attention of the Exams Officer by Friday 17th September.

Deposits will be refunded in full when you arrive to sit the exam, but if you fail to show up we will use them to cover the costs of the exam entries.


Please note that all subjects are 100% exam based - there are no NEA components for the resit GCSEs. 


The exam timetable can be found here.