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Welcome to the Westgate School Hampshire's first
'all-through' school

As a thriving and highly successful learning community, The Westgate is founded on a tradition of high academic achievement and exemplary pupil support.  At the heart of our success is the strength of partnership that exists between pupils, adults in school and, their families.  We believe that every young person should feel a sense of belonging in our school community and enjoy their learning.  As a result of this, individuals will leave with the skills and resources to take the next step in their lives, confident in their strengths and prepared to meet the challenges of the future.


As Hampshire's first all-through school, The Westgate is uniquely placed to understand the learning journey from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to GCSE.  We have strong links between the phases in our school and in particular, in Physical Education, the Arts, Modern Foreign Languages and in Mathematics. 

Colleagues bring a wealth of experience and knowledge about how pupils learn and are always actively seeking ways to extend, challenge and support pupils in their learning.  We enjoy a close relationship with our feeder primaries, sharing their values, allowing us to plan for a smooth transition as pupils move from the primary phase on to our secondary phase at The Westgate.


Our strong partnership with local secondary schools, working together for the benefit of pupils in our community, is something of which we are proud. We invite you to be part of our success. Visitors are most welcome and if you would like to arrange a visit then please email or contact the School Office.

Mrs Dean

Once again, The Westgate School is at the top of the school league tables in Hampshire for Progress and Attainment. Coming second only to Thornden and the highest of the Winchester secondary schools, Westgate School pupils achieved a progress 8 score of 0.49 last year meaning that pupils at the school on average, achieved half a grade higher in their GCSE exams than pupils of equivalent prior attainment in other schools. Additionally, the School's attainment results - the grades that pupils achieved regardless of starting point - are also second only to Thornden School, with an attainment score of 59.6.


We continue to be very proud of the success that pupils achieve in our school and most importantly, whilst we celebrate this, we know that our community for learning is not defined by these outcomes, but by the strength of partnership we have with our pupils and families that enables them to thrive in their learning.


Link to the official tables

Thank you for your continued support and congratulations to one and all!

Mrs Dean, Headteacher


The Westgate School: Learning Together  - Achieving Excellence





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