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Home Learning and Remote Education Provision

Important Information for Parents and Carers for Home Learning During Lockdown.




Dear Parents/ Carers,


Re: Temporary adjustment to our homework practice



In the circumstances we now find ourselves, pupils are developing incredible skills in time management, independent learning and the use of technology.  However, they are also spending a significant amount of time learning at the computer screen, which we recognise can be very tiring for everyone.  We therefore need to find a balanced approach to the setting of homework - that which is normally in addition to time in class, in order to ensure pupils can have a proper break from the screen and can focus instead on their emotional wellbeing, being active and spending quality time on other activities.  


In order to support you in knowing what your child can expect in terms of homework while we are in lockdown and pupils are learning from home, please click here to view the document which summarises this for each subject.


If your child is struggling with any aspect of their learning, please do contact your child's tutor who will be able to provide support and guidance.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs H Judd

Assistant Headteacher

The Westgate School recognises that Home Learning is an essential and integral part of the school curriculum and is beneficial in the education of all pupils. It offers the opportunity for pupils to learn in a different context and use different resources from those in school. Home Learning is also an opportunity for parents and carers to support their child with learning.


  • Home Learning is seen as key to supporting learning over time by providing an opportunity to:

  • consolidate knowledge;

  • apply and practice subject specific skills in different contexts;

  • enrich, enhance and widen experiences;

  • complete work begun in class;

  • carry out research and reading beyond the classroom;

  • enable pupils to take responsibility for their own learning;

  • develop pupils’ independent learning skills;

  • develop resourceful and resilient learners;

  • encourage enquiry;

  • develop areas of interest and curiosity;

  • undertake learning in preparation for work in school.

Please click here to view the Remote Education Provision

The Importance of Home Learning

In this recent survey pupils were asked "Do you understand the importance of Home Learning in helping you succeed?" To read this Home Learning Survey Feedback please click here.


To see Alex Halpin's  (age 7) view on the importance of homework watch the video below.