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Parent and PSA Area

Welcome to the Parent and PSA area.  Here you will find information for parents and our Parent Staff Association (PSA).  You will also find our Partners in Learning area for parent workshop information.  Pupil support which includes information for parents.  Additionally on this page you will find information on admissions, absence request, digital safety, GCSE information, school clubs, home learning, medicines and treatments, parent surveys, statutory information, school comms, school trips, the Learning Resources Centre and travel (school bus). 

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Parent Information
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Partners in Learning
Helping Hands
Pupil Support
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Absence Request
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Digital Safety 
Taking Notes
School Clubs |
Extra Curricular | Lettings
Doing Homework
Home Learning & Remote Education
First Aid Kit
Medicines & Treatments
Filling Out a Medical Form
Parent Surveys
Accountant Records
Statutory Information | SEND | GCSE Results | Data Protection
App User
School Comms
Plane in the Sky
School Trips Abroad
Learning Resources Centre
Travel Information