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Parent Introduction

We are proud of the strong relationship the School has with parents and carers and never take this for granted. As a parent, you can expect to receive timely information about your son/daughter’s progress whether they are learning in our Nursery, Lower or Upper Schools. Throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage parents will receive regular updates on learning – including photographs of key milestones which we look forward to celebrating with you. Similarly, in the Lower and Upper Schools, regular reports provide detailed information about your son/daughter’s progress across the curriculum, with information about how their learning can be moved forwards. Lower School and Nursery colleagues are available for informal discussions on a daily basis whilst Upper School colleagues can easily be reached via email. In the Upper School, your son/daughter will have a tutor and Year Leader responsible for the co-ordination of their care and learning; these colleagues are key points of contact for you.

We are grateful to our Parent Staff Association for their enthusiastic support of our school. Over recent years, their fundraising activities have made a significant contribution to our learning including through the purchase of a high quality grand piano for our Upper School hall on which many pupils have the pleasure of performing. The PSA also supports rewards for pupils in school as well as other projects such as the purchase of outdoor seating for pupils. The committee meets regularly with members of school staff to plan key events and agree priorities. Your support would be much appreciated and even if you aren’t able to commit to joining the PSA, there are regular and enjoyable events at which you would be most welcome including: our Year 7 Family Evening, quiz nights, our staff versus parents cricket match and, the Christmas Fair.

Home School Partnership and Agreement
The Westgate School is a community of learners where partnerships inspire success for all; learning together – achieving excellence.
​The school is entitled to expect that:

As a Pupil, you:

• Are punctual and attend everyday
• Adhere to the School’s uniform
• Work with determination and commitment; complete home learning tasks and meet deadlines
• Take responsibility for your own learning, organisation and behaviour
• Are kind, honest and polite, showing considerate behaviour at all times
• Show respect for others, their possessions and the school environment
• Participate to the best of your ability in all school and House activities
• Tell us if you are worried or concerned about something 
• Follow without question,  the School’s safer use of IT policies
• Do not have your mobile phone/ipods etc out during the school day unless asked to use it by a teacher as part of a learning activity (including at break and lunchtimes); follow the School’s policy 

As a Parent, you:

• Support the School’s ethos and policies - working in partnership with us
• Respect the roles and rights of individuals in school
• Avoid using forums like social media (including Facebook) to air any concerns/disagreements.

• Engage with the school in a way that reflects our expectations of pupils acting as positive role models in communication
• Ensure regular and punctual attendance by your child, avoiding holidays in term time
• Try to avoid making appointments for your child during the school day
• Ensure your child comes to school in full uniform and with appropriate equipment
• Do your best to provide the space and time at home to enable your child to complete their home learning tasks
• Endeavour to support school activities (parents’ evenings/concerts/events)
• Advise the school directly of problems/achievements/issues as they arise and work in partnership with us to resolve them
• Reply to school communications and supply information about absence preferably by phone immediately or by note in the   Pupil Handbook for Learning 
• Read and sign the Pupil Handbook for Learning (every week in Secondary Phase)
• Read with your child regularly and sign their reading record book in the Primary Phase 
• Avoid using mobile phones to contact your child during the school day: please use reception for messages

• Ensure that your contact details and medical information about your child are always up to date 


Pupils and Parents are entitled to expect that we will:

• Provide a happy, safe and caring environment for learning
• Provide effective teaching
• Effectively monitor your child’s progress
• Acknowledge your child’s efforts, achievements and progress
• Set appropriate home learning tasks
• Provide up to date information about school events
• Communicate (in a timely way) any concerns that may arise
• Deal with challenges in a professional, fair and consistent manner
• Make ourselves available to discuss any concerns you may have
• Report to you every day regarding your child’s punctuality, participation, home learning and uniform via our stamp system (Secondary Phase)

• Be available to talk briefly at the end of the day in the Primary Phase





Tel: 01962 854757

Email: contact@westgate.hants.sch.uk

The Westgate School, Cheriton Road,  Winchester, SO22 5AZ, England


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