Every year we hold a Parents' Evening for each year group.

We use an on-line booking system for Parents' Evenings, details of which can be found at

Parent's booking page

Please click here to view the Parents' Evening Booking Instruction Guide.


List of dates see below. You will be advised by email when the booking portal is open for the below.


Upper Parents Evening and Meet the Tutor

YEAR 7 MEET TUTOR ~ Wed 16/Thu 17 OCT

YEAR 11 ~  THU 7 NOV

YEAR 10 ~ THU 30 JAN

YEAR 9 ~  MEET TUTOR ~ Tue 5 Mar

YEAR 7 ~ THU 26 Mar

YEAR 8 ~ THU 23 Apr


Lower School

YEAR R, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 ~ Mon 25 Nov (3.45 - 6pm)

Wed 27 NOV (4 - 7pm)

YEAR R, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 ~ Mon 16 Mar (3.45 - 6pm)

Wed 18 Mar (4 - 7pm)


Parents Evenings are a vital opportunity for parents to meet their child's teachers and receive specific feedback on their academic development and progress. We strongly encourage the children to attend the evening too, as it is an opportunity for us both to motivate pupils and congratulate them on their progress (Upper School ONLY).

The evenings runs from 4 - 7 pm and takes place in the Upper or Lower School buildings, depending on year group.

The Westgate School is a community of learners where partnerships inspire success for all: 

Learning Together  - Achieving Excellence





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