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Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday! I'm pleased to let parents and pupils know that whilst we are all working in an adjusted way, important milestones in our school calendar are still taking place. The applications for Senior Prefects are underway and we are working with the team to develop our list of learners who will receive an extra-special recognition at what would normally be known as our Honours Evening!


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Congratulations to a number of our pupils who have been selected to have their work exhibited at the Royal Academy in London! Thank you to their teachers, too - who have clearly inspired them in their

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to children in our Nursery, Year R and Year 1: it's been quite an emotional morning - in a good way - to see so many children re-united with friends and teachers and Teaching Assistants.

Prefect Process 2020

Thank you to our Mr. Howes, Mrs. Teague, Mr. Pearce and all of our Year 10 pupils who are participating in our Prefect application process; it's lovely to hear from you all!

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