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We are proud of the strong relationship the School has with parents and carers and never take this for granted. As a parent, you can expect to receive timely information about your son/daughter’s progress whether they are learning in our Nursery, Lower or Upper Schools. Throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage parents will receive regular updates on learning – including photographs of key milestones which we look forward to celebrating with you. Similarly, in the Lower and Upper Schools, regular reports provide detailed information about your son/daughter’s progress across the curriculum, with information about how their learning can be moved forwards. Lower School and Nursery colleagues are available for informal discussions on a daily basis whilst Upper School colleagues can easily be reached via email. In the Upper School, your son/daughter will have a tutor and Year Leader responsible for the co-ordination of their care and learning; these colleagues are key points of contact for you.

We are grateful to our Parent Staff Association for their enthusiastic support of our school. Over recent years, their fundraising activities have made a significant contribution to our learning including through the purchase of a high quality grand piano for our Upper School hall on which many pupils have the pleasure of performing. The PSA also supports rewards for pupils in school as well as other projects such as the purchase of outdoor seating for pupils. The committee meets regularly with members of school staff to plan key events and agree priorities. Your support would be much appreciated and even if you aren’t able to commit to joining the PSA, there are regular and enjoyable events at which you would be most welcome including: our Year 7 Family Evening, quiz nights, our staff versus parents cricket match and, the Christmas Fair.

Please do come and join us - The Westgate School is a unique place and we need parents of children of all ages to make this work for everyone! To get in touch with us you can contact the PSA Chair by emailing us or contacting us via our Facebook page The Westgate School PSA.



All of our events, event volunteering opportunities and news is available on our website the Westgate School Psa please do register so that we can communicate with you!  You can also find us on Twitter - TWS_PSA.

What is the PSA?

The Westgate School Parent  Staff Association (PSA) has one simple aim, which is "to advance the education of the pupils of the school".


We achieve this by raising money to directly support projects agreed with the school, which otherwise would not be possible. In recent years, we have funded the pupil reward and recognition scheme, new library books, and equipment such as table tennis tables, climbing walls and frames, lighting and lighting desks, projectors, football goals, as well as various workshops to support learning.   


We aim to encourage a strong school community by organising events for both pupils and parents throughout the year to give parents a chance to meet. 










How can you get involved?

The PSA is run by a committee, which you can join if you are the parent or guardian of a pupil at the school or a member of the school staff. This Committee meets about six times a year, to plan major fundraising and social events, and discuss other areas of potential fundraising. Meetings are in the early evening, lasting about an hour. Our major events will also have smaller groups of people who meet to focus just on one event / fundraising stream outside of the main committee.


If committees aren't your thing, you can still help by attending events, donating raffle prizes, helping out on a bar, or on a Christmas fair stall, donating second hand school uniform (or helping to organise and sell second hand uniform) or even just buying raffle tickets, or being a supporter of our School lottery. We hopefully have something everyone can contribute to in some way!

 Westgate PSA Calendar is being updated

The Westgate PSA have joined with Stikins Lables where you can order labels, etc at a discounted rate.

To order from Stikins please click here

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Charlie Damant, PSA Chair

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