Reporting and Assessments

Each term we communicate directly with parents through either a Parents’ Evening, Progress Report and Full Report. Full details of reporting/Parents' Evening dates for each year group are available on the school calendar.


The chart indicates the approximate publishing dates for parents in brackets – these may vary slightly each year due to the lengths of the half terms, but will remain broadly constant.

Assessment and Recording: Principles

In Years 9 to 11, pupils will be set targets based on an aspirational range of attainment.  This means that their work will be marked and assessed using GCSE/BTEC criteria and notional* grades.  When designing the curriculum for Year 9, Subject Leaders will be taking into account the most appropriate topics for study in order to ensure that pupils can achieve in the early stages of the course.  However, owing to the fact that we aspire to the very best outcomes for all pupils, it is likely that their track will feel challenging to begin with.  When reporting on progress, we will take into account the rate of progress measured against each individual’s target. 


Therefore, even if a pupil’s current grade does not fall within their range of attainment, they may well still be considered ‘on target’ as their work demonstrates the necessary potential to meet this expectation.

*Notional grades – approximate grades based on historical data

Dates for Progress and Full Reports 2019/20

Subject specific Guidelines for Reporting on Achievement for Year 7 from Sep 2016

Subject specific Guidelines for Reporting on Achievement for Year 8 from Sep 2016

Generic Guidelines for Reporting on Achievement for Year 7 and Year 8  from Sep 2016

Guidelines for Reporting on Progress for Year 9-11 from Sep 2015

Guidelines for Reporting on Effort for Year 7-11 from Sep 2015



New GCSE Assessment Information


To view the comparison of new GCSE 1 -9 grade system with old system please click here.


Please click the link below to view the subject grade descriptors for GCSE's grades 9 -1


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