Reporting and Assessments

Each term we communicate directly with parents through either a Parents’ Evening, Progress Report and Full Report. Full details of reporting/Parents' Evening dates for each year group are available on the school calendar.


The chart indicates the approximate publishing dates for parents in brackets – these may vary slightly each year due to the lengths of the half terms, but will remain broadly constant.

Assessment and Recording: Principles​


​In Years 7 and 8 (and the first half of Year 9), pupils are assessed against the demands of the National Curriculum, given what they have been taught so far and in an age-related manner.  If a child is meeting the expectations of the curriculum they will be assessed at "Meeting", "Confidently Meeting" or "Skilfully Meeting" within their subject reports.  Because the demands of the curriculum increase with time, a child who (for example) remains at "Confidently Meeting" for the whole of KS3, is making steady and secure progress.  Where pupils are not yet meeting the demands of the curriculum, teachers will be working closely with pupils to help accelerate their progress.  Details about what this looks like for each subject can be found below. 


Dates for Progress and Full Reports as follows:

Year 7 : Effort 02 Oct   Short 12 Feb   Full 09 July

Year 8: Short 11 Dec   Full 19 March

Year 9: Short 26 Nov   Full 10 June

Year 10: Short 13 Nov  Full 30 April

Year 11: Short 16 Oct  Full 05 Feb

Subject specific Guidelines for Reporting on Achievement for Year 7 from Sep 2016

Subject specific Guidelines for Reporting on Achievement for Year 8 from Sep 2016

Subject specific Guidelines for Reporting on Achievement for Year 9 from Sept 2020

Generic Guidelines for Reporting on Achievement for Years 7 - 9  from Sep 2016


In Years 9 to 11 (from the second half of Year 9), pupils will be set targets based on an aspirational range of attainment.  This means that their work will be marked and assessed using GCSE/BTEC criteria and notional* grades.  When designing the curriculum for Year 9, Subject Leaders will be taking into account the most appropriate topics for study in order to ensure that pupils can achieve in the early stages of the course.  However, owing to the fact that we aspire to the very best outcomes for all pupils, it is likely that their target will feel challenging to begin with.  When reporting on attainment at Key Stage 4, we report an 'on track for' grade.  This gives an indication of the likely projected flight path for your child in their GCSEs by the end of Year 11, and so it will give you a strong indication of whether teachers feel your child is 'on track' to achieve within their target range of attainment.  It is worth highlighting that these are NOT predicted grades, because schools cannot accurately predict the national circumstances which affect final examination grades - such as changes to grade boundaries, performance of other pupils nationally, and extenuating circumstances.   The 'on track for' grades therefore provide parents with teachers' best estimation of a flight path projection for each child, but this may go up and down over time based on new assessment information (or indeed remain constant, showing steady progress).  These grades will become increasingly more accurate as pupils move through Year 11, as by this time teachers will have a huge wealth of assessment information and mock examinations taken under formal exam conditions with which to use for their reports.

*Notional grades – approximate grades based on historical data




In addition, in all year groups, we report to parents on Effort, using a 1-4 scale. Details can be found below and within children's Handbooks for Learning.

Guidelines for Reporting on Effort for Year 7-11 from Sep 2015



New GCSE Assessment Information


To view the comparison of new GCSE 1 -9 grade system with old system please click here.


Please click the link below to view the subject grade descriptors for GCSE's grades 9 -1






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