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GCSE Results 2021

After such an unusual year, it has been a pleasure to see our Year 11 pupils receive their GCSE results. We are very proud of their achievements and the way in which they have all coped with such an extraordinary situation. Whilst the School is of course delighted to say that this cohort’s results are incredibly strong, with 36.5% of all results being a grade 8 or 9 and 54% of all GCSE results achieved being 7 -9, our focus remains on pupils as individuals and ensuring that they are able to progress with confidence to the next stage of education, training or employment. We wish them the very best for the future.

97% of our pupils stayed in education or went into employment after finishing Key Stage compared to the local and national 94%

English Baccalaureate entries

We look to facilitate our pupils gaining a rounded education and so help them move onto the next stage of their lives. One measure of this is through the EBacc. A significantly number of pupils at Westgate are EBacc eligible each year. In 2021 this was 73% compared with the local uptake of 36% and national levels of 39%.

GCSE Results 2020


Of course there were no examinations this year. However, our Teacher Assessment Grades reflected some strong efforts across the year with 34% of all grades being 7-9 and  72.9% achieving the five high passes including Maths and English.

GCSE Results 2019

This year we celebrated another fantastic set of GCSE exam results with our pupils and their parents.  Record breaking numbers of pupils have achieved passing grades in English, Maths and Science. 


View detailed information about this year's exam results here


The School's provisional Progress 8 figure was +0.49, which means that pupils achieved approximately half a grade higher on average, compared with similar pupils nationally.  We wish all of our pupils in the 2018-19 cohort the very best of luck in their futures and look forward to seeing them for Certificate Presentation Evening in November.

2019 Secondary School Outcomes - League Tables

Once again, The Westgate School is at the top of the school league tables in Hampshire for Progress and Attainment. Coming second only to Thornden and the highest of the Winchester secondary schools, Westgate School pupils achieved a progress 8 score of 0.49 last year meaning that pupils at the school on average, achieved half a grade higher in their GCSE exams than pupils of equivalent prior attainment in other schools. Additionally, the School's attainment results - the grades that pupils achieved regardless of starting point - are also second only to Thornden School, with an attainment score of 59.6.


We continue to be very proud of the success that pupils achieve in our school and most importantly, whilst we celebrate this, we know that our community for learning is not defined by these outcomes, but by the strength of partnership we have with our pupils and families that enables them to thrive in their learning.


The link to the official tables can be found here


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Thank you for your continued support and congratulations to one and all!, Mrs Dean.

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