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Secondary Phase

GCSE Results 2022


We are absolutely delighted that despite all the turbulence of the past two years, colleagues’ dedication in delivering high quality provision amid the ongoing impact of the pandemic has resulted in our pupils once again achieving exceptional outcomes - even stronger than the pre-pandemic results of 2019: 54% of all our grades were Grade 7 or above, of which 34% of grades were Grade 8 or 9, and 16% of all grades were Grade 9. This is a simply stunning achievement by our pupils of whom we're very proud. We wish them the very best for the future.

GCSE Results 2021


We were very proud of the year group, their achievements and the way in which they have all coped with such an extraordinary situation. Whilst the School was of course delighted to say that this cohort’s results remained strong, with 36.5% of all results being a Grade 8 or 9 and 54% of all GCSE results achieved being 7 - 9, our focus remains on pupils as individuals and ensuring that they are able to progress with confidence to the next stage of education, training or employment.


97% of our pupils stayed in education or went into employment after finishing Key Stage compared to the local and
national 94%. Additionally, 73% of our pupils entered the Ebacc compared to the national average 39% and a local average of 36%. 

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Exam information

Primary Phase

Primary Phase statutory results 2022 

Primary Phase Statutory Results 21-22_edited.jpg

Primary Phase statutory results 2019 

Primary Phase Statutory Results 2019

No results before 2019 we did not have a cohort entered for SATS before .

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