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    Back to the GCSE Menu Useful Links & Revision Resources Drama ​ ​ ​ English (go to AQA Anthology for GCSE) ( go to English) Complete Guide to Understanding The Importance of English & Maths in Education & Beyond ​ ​ Geography ​ ​ History (go to History) ​ ​ ICT ​ ​ Maths­maths­online/ ​ ​ Physical Education ​ ​ Science ​ ​ Helping With Revision ​ Here's some advice on helping your child to get organised, stay motivated and keep calm in the lead up to exams. Do Ask your child what areas/subjects they want help with. Make your child feel you're there for them physically and emotionally. Organise some 'non-study' activities. Encourage your child with praise and rewards. Make your child's environment revision-friendly. ​ Don't Force your child to revise in a way you think best. Put any extra pressure on your child. Keep telling your child how much better organised you were about revision when you were that age. ​ ​ ​ Revision Techniques ​ Your child's teachers will recommend techniques for revising particular subjects and topics. There are also some general techniques which you can suggest or even try out together. Repetition It may be boring, but when revising your child will need to go over each topic several times to make sure he's learnt it properly. ​ One helpful trick is to go back over a topic briefly the day after studying it in detail. Then, at the end of the week, encourage him to recap everything that's been covered. ​ Please click here to view the Revision and Revising Techniques leaflet. ​ Active learning ​ Learning is always that much stronger if it is an active process. Encourage your child to write notes and use diagrams to remember things. At the end of a topic it's important for your child to summarise everything he has just learnt. This will reassure him that the information has gone in and will also act as a quick recap before he starts the next section. ​ Associations ​ It is sometimes easier to remember things if we can make associations with things that we have an interest in. For example, a child who loves drawing could turn the plot of an English Literature text into a cartoon, whilst someone who is keen on music could set some key vocabulary to the tune of a favourite song. ​ Learning outside the textbook Learning through textbooks is important, but extra material can be just as valuable. Books, films, visits and information from the internet can all be used to reinforce learning. Look out for television programmes or videos linked to topics or books your child is studying at school. A visit to a museum or exhibition can bring a subject to life, too. ​ Encourage your child to use revision websites. ​ ​ Word games ​ There are various ways of remembering information by using words, phrases or abbreviations. Mnemonics often work well. These turn the first letters of the words to be remembered into a name or word. Here's an example. This mnemonic uses the word PARENTS to help you remember the revision techniques suggested in this article: ​ ​ Practise Active Repetition Encourage Notes Time management Stress management ​ ​ Parent's Guide to Supporting your Child Through Revision ​ ​ Please click here to view the Parent Support Guide for your child's GCSE's ​ ​ ​

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    Parent Surveys ​ We regularly carry out parent surveys to ascertain your views and to enable you to provide us with feedback. Your views and feedback are an important part of our self-evaluation processes and they help us to improve the provision at The Westgate School. ​ Parent Surveys will be available for completion at all parent events including Curriculum Evenings and Parents' Evenings. ​ The findings from the surveys will be used to help us to make improvements within the school. Findings from the surveys and actions we have taken will be communicated to you via School Comms.​ ​ ​ If there are any issues or concerns please do not feel you have to wait in order to complete a Parent Survey. Your views are always important to us and we would love to hear from you. ​ ​ Parent & PSA Menu

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    Authorised Absence Request ​ Family holidays and school holidays ​ Children have 13 weeks annual holiday from school and online. As such, all parents/carers are expected wherever possible to plan and take their family holidays at this time so as not to disrupt their children’s education. Education law states that parents do not have a right to take their child out of school for a holiday during term time. Only in exceptional circumstances may a headteacher grant permission for leave; and it is the headteacher’s decision on whether the absence is exceptional and how many days to approve. school holiday dates are published well in advance If you would like to apply for an authorised absence from the headteacher, please complete the below form and send it to ​ Parents/carers who take their child out of school without the absence being agreed and authorised by written permission from the school can be issued with a penalty fine. ​ ​ Please to view the Authorised Absence Request Form. click here Parent & PSA Menu

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    Early Years Foundation Stage ​ ​ In the Early Years Foundation Stage at Rotherly, The Westgate's Day Nursery we aim to develop and nurture the Characteristics of Effective Learning in all our children. These characteristics are: playing and exploring, active learning, creating and thinking critically and together they enable children to become happy and effective learners. We use a process of observation, assessment and planning to identify the learning and developmental needs of each child and we use this information together with children’s interests to plan their learning opportunities. Miss Collins is Westgate's Early Years Foundation Stage Leader and oversees Early Years provision in both our Lower School and the Nursery ensuring continuity for all our pupils. Miss Collins is a very experienced Early Years teacher who is also a Lead Practitioner in the Early Years for Hampshire. Colleagues work together to develop teaching, learning and the environment and ensure the highest quality provision and the best possible start for Rotherly nursery pupils, in readiness for Year R - whether that be in our own Lower School at The Westgate, or other primary settings in the area. Miss Collins teaches in the Nursery weekly spending time with each age group. ​ ​ ​ Information can also be found at: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Partners in Learning ​ Please click to view the Partners in Learning PPT here ​ Please click to view the Partners in Learning PPT. here ​ Please click to view the Partners in Learning PPT. here ​ ​

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    Key School Information | SEND | Data Protection Please to view our latest Ofsted report. click here ​ Please to view Rotherly, The Westgate's Day Nursey Ofsted report. click here ​ Please to view the Hampshire County Council Asbestos Management Booklet. click here ​ Admissions policy All schools have admission criteria to decide which children get places. Admission criteria is different for each school. At The Westgate School we work within the Hampshire County Council framework. Please click here to view our Admissions policy. ​ ​ Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) SEN: Sue O' Beirne SENCO (All-Through) As Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, I am privileged to work with an experienced and enthusiastic team including our specialist teacher and Learning Support Assistants. We work together to ensure that the needs of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities are met appropriately, with a view to each of these pupils achieving their full potential. This support takes many forms depending greatly on the individual needs of the pupil, but can include support within class, small group interventions and individual work on specific targets. Mrs O' Beirne. ​ In order for pupils who have special educational needs or disabilities to thrive and flourish at school, a positive working relationship with parents is also vital, as is close collaboration with professionals from other settings. So, if your child has special educational needs and you would like to discuss this with me, or you would like advice about aspects of special needs provision, please do contact me; I do believe it’s easier to deal with a query than to solve a problem. Caroline Lunniss: Assistant SENCo All Through I work closely with the SENCo and SEN team to help identify, plan and deliver support for our children with additional needs. We work carefully in partnership with parents and pupils to meet the needs and disabilities of the children throughout their time at Westgate School. I am passionate about children with additional needs having a key role in their own personal learning journey celebrating their achievements and planning their next steps. I am lucky to work with an experienced hard working team who deliver support to our pupils in different ways depending on the most appropriate way to meet their needs, sometimes they support working in class, group interventions or individual work to support pupils set targets. Do please if you have any concerns or questions. contact me SEN Information Report At The Westgate School, we believe that every pupil brings with them a unique blend of strengths and needs to our community. We are dedicated ‘to enabling all of our pupils to unlock their potential’ regardless of starting point. We comply with regulation 51 of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 where appropriate and Section 6 of the Special Educational Needs and Disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years.​ ​ ​ Please t o view the SEN Information Report. SENCo - Mrs O' Beirne. click here ​ Hampshire Local Offer ​ To view Hampshire Local Offer please . click here ​ GCSE Examination Results To view our latest Examination Results please click here ​ ​ ​ Data Protection Our aims are to: ​ To ensure that all personal data collected about colleagues, pupils, parents, governors, visitors and other individuals is, stored and processed in accordance with the and the expected provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) as set out in the Data Protection Bill. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 ​ Our school processes personal data relating to parents, pupils, staff, governors, visitors and others, and therefore is a data controller. The school is registered with the ICO (Registration reference: ZA336960). ​ Our Data Protection Officer is the Senior Site and Facilities Strategic Lead, who is the first point contact for individuals whose data the school processes and is contactable via . ​ Privacy notices: ​ Pupil Privacy Notice ​ Privacy Notice – General Data Protection Regulation 2018 ​ Colleague Privacy Notice ​ ​ For our data protection policies please see our policies page. ​ ​ ​ Policies: ​ CCTV ​ Safe Use of ICT for Staff ​ Freedom of Information ​ GDPR / Data Protection ​ Paper copy If as a parent you are unable to access information on our website please either come into the school or use to request a paper copy. ​ Parent & PSA Menu

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    Back to the GCSE Menu Revision Sessions ​ The 2020 Year 11 Revision Evening PowerPoint is currently being updated. ​ The 2020 Exam and Revision Timetable is currently being updated. ​ The Key Dates 2020 is currently being updated. ​

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    Top of Page Important information & notices Useful forms Early years funding information Learning and development Important information & notices Nursery Ofsted report​ ​ ​ . Please click here to view the Ofsted report ​ SEND Local Offer ​ Please click here to view SEND Local Offer ​ ​ Absences ​ Please contact 01962 854757, Option 3 or email ​ ​ Hampshire County Council Out of Hours Providers ​ Please click here to view the Out of Hours Providers Privacy Notice Useful forms You can view details our tour mornings and view our parent handbook here ​ Please use this form to join our nursery waiting list. Expression of Interest Form ​ Request for Change of Attendance Pattern Please use this form to update your family’s request.​ ​ Have you thought of increasing sessions at Rotherly, The Westgate's Day Nursery? Now could be the time to let us know as we are currently allocating spaces. If you are interested please chat to us, or ask for a 'Request for Change of Attendance Pattern' form. This form is available above. ​ Please complete the relevant form prior to arriving as this will make the most of your handover time at nursery. Administration of Medicines Consent Form Please complete the relevant form prior to arriving as this will make the most of your handover time at nursery. Before Nursery Incident Report Please complete the relevant form prior to arriving as this will make the most of your handover time at nursery. Healthcare Plan Please click here to view the Parent Form for EYPP and the EYPP Letter Please click here to view the Funding Information Please click here to view the Funding Form Please click here to view the Finance Standing Order Form ​ Early years funding information ​ Help Paying For Your Childcare: ​ socialcareandhealth/childrenandfamilies/childcare/payingforchildcare ​ Free Early Years Education funding and Early Years Pupil Premium: socialcareandhealth/childrenandfamilies/childcare/payingforchildcare/freechildcare/3and4yearoldoffer ​ ​ Ways to support your child's learning and development Ways to support your child's learning and development Children Parents Guide ​ ​ EYFS Parents Guide

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    Meet Our Staff Jayne ​ I qualified with an NNEB in 1989 and joined my Rotherly family in 1993. I have enjoyed working in each area of the nursery, and now love the challenge of managing our setting. I also have an BA (Hons) Early Years. I feel extremely privileged to be part of so many children’s journey through nursery, and love the idea of never knowing what is around every corner of the day! ​ Me in a nutshell…passionate, creative and full of love for my own 3 children! ​ ​ Liz As Head of Primary Phase, I have particular responsibility for our Nursery, Early Years and Key Stage 1 and 2 provision at the Westgate School, as well as oversight of our Wraparound Care. I also work closely with the Senior Leadership Team planning and leading professional learning for all colleagues across the whole school. This all-through role enables me to build strong links between the different phases of the school, ensuring that all pupils benefit from our all-through environment with a consistent curriculum and pedagogy. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be working at The Westgate All-through School and to be part of such an amazing learning journey. ​ ​ Lucy As Early Years Foundation Stage Leader, I oversee provision in the Lower School and Nursery. I am also a Leading Foundation Stage Practitioner for Hampshire. I am passionate about Early Years education, providing an inspiring and nurturing experience, to support each child to become happy and effective learners. ​ ​ ​ ​ Lisa I qualified with an NNEB in 2001. I was a student at Rotherly during this time, but joined the team in 2002.I have worked with both babies and toddlers and am now a deputy manager. I love creative activities, getting to know new families and helping to settle everyone in! ​ Me in a nutshell… I love organising, socialising and having fun!

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    Pupil Leadership Groups ​ The Westgate offers every pupil the opportunity to participate in a leadership role during their time at The Westgate, being part of our commitment to across our school. This might be through joining one of the following groups: 'Rights, Respect and Responsibility' ​ Eco Group ​ Our aim is to provide a place for pupils to put forward their ideas about the school environment and work together to discuss and implement improvements. At present the Global group are working on a presentation for all tutor groups to explain what we do. Now we have lots of new members we are trying to encourage recycling in all classrooms. Some of the group are going to be decorating the recycling bags to make them more obvious to everyone and encouraging all of us to put used and broken pens into the boxes provided. We are planning to put a plant in each classroom to make our environment more attractive as well as making plans for herb gardens and more flowering plants around the school. We continue to maintain the new planting in the pond area and have proposed a bug house to provide a home for invertebrates and other creatures. ​ Curriculum Group ​ Our aim is to provide a place for pupils to put forward their ideas about the Curriculum and work together to discuss and implement changes for our Whole School Curriculum. We have focused on how to best suit various learning styles, how to best enhance our learning experiences in the classroom and how to best support others with their studies. ​ Curriculum Group have been working on creating, promoting and monitoring their new subject ambassador forums. They have been trialling ways to get people to use the system and need to spend time properly advertising the forums for the use of all students. They will continue to work on this and a weekly monitoring of the forums as well. They have also been designing a Tutor time survey for Years 8 and 9 about how effective tutor time is. They will be sending out this survey soon once they have secured the permission of the relevant year leaders. ​ The Wellbeing Group Aims In Wellbeing Group, our aim is to try and make the pupils’ experience at The Westgate as enjoyable as possible. We also want to make sure that the pupils have a pleasant working environment in the school. We also try to inform the pupils about what is happening in our school and that they are able to voice their opinions about school procedures. ​ Projects - Embedding RRR into school life ​ One of the ways that we are making sure that the students are being involved in the school is by discussing how the pupils are embedding RRR into the school through developing their skills and abilities through the Westgate Maker's scheme. Pupils are listing improvements that they are interested in seeing to increase pupil wellbeing such as improving behaviour on the school buses, designing Christmas decorations to be displayed across the school, and for each pupil to feel that their opinion matters. ​ Aims for Next Year… Our aim for the next year is to be able to start thinking about ways to enhance the well being of years 7, 8 and 9 pupils by creating specific tasks, for example the group are currently discussing a joint task with the charity group which involves the participation of staff and pupils to raise money for charity and to continue to raise the Westgate moral. ​ The Charity Group The charity group has always been very busy this term, year 8 baked cakes and sold them to raise funds for Macmillan cancer research. We collected over 260 shoe boxes for the Christmas child appeal. Non uniform day on Friday 14th November raised a massive £1,0051. pounds for Children in Need. We had a live band performance from two of our very successful and popular school bands. Friday 5th December the school wore Christmas jumpers to raise funds for our school PSA, they had contributed bottles, chocolates, money and jam jars filled with sweets to be sold at the fair. Mr Wylie and colleagues baked cakes and started to persuade a number of members of staff into running a half marathon or 10K in the ABP Southampton race in April. We will be raising funds for teenage Cancer Charity Trust. We will also have our own Fun run in school when the weather gets a bit better. The poppy appeal and sales of poppies was £355.00. ​ Our next project is to support an orphanage in Kenya and to provide them with school uniform so that they can attend school. An ex pupils of the school Beth has already been into school and explained how she got involved in the orphanage and is now a main trustee. In January the charity group will visit each tutor group and explain how they can help. ​ As always we are grateful to each and every member of our school who contributes in whatever way in donating money, offering support and ideas for fund raising and to the charity group who give up their time each week and for each event. ​ Thank you ​ If you need support for a charity close to your heart please speak to any member of the charity group or come along to a meeting and tell us what you need. ​ UGANDA FUNDRAISING The Charity group on behalf of the school take on fund raising activities to support charitable organisations locally and nationally. However, in May 2014, a fundraising activity was an occasions where we supported our own pupils. Ex pupils; Jonty Honey, Sam Manley and Emily Parfitt travelled to Uganda with their church to do voluntary work in schools in their summer holidays. They have done a number of fund raising activities both in and out of school and raised an wonderful £870. Thank you to all pupils for supporting charity events so far this year. ​ PHILIPPINES - NOVEMBER 2013 On 7 and 8 November 2013, the Philippines was hit by the most dangerous typhoon that it has ever faced, which left many people dead and many more without clothes, food or water. It is the strongest storm ever to make landfall, hitting an area where thousands of people are already homeless after an earthquake in mid-October. At the end of this terrible occurrence, over 5000 people were left dead and 7000 homeless and relying on us. Thanks to the efforts of the UK Red Cross, over £13 million was raised and Westgate did an amazing job contributing to this fund. ​ Everyone at The Westgate felt that we should try to help the people in some way. Therefore, a clothes collection took place over the course of a week and all the clothes collected flown over to the Philippines to be given to the many people there who are in great need of them. Every tutor was given two bags - one for boys’ clothes and one for girls’ clothes. By the end of the week, every bag was full to bursting with all the clothes that the pupils brought into school. Also, Year 7 pupils did their bit to help by baking cakes and selling them around the school during break time and lunch time. Each of these little cakes, at only 50p each, helped to raise over £500 in aid of this cause. This is amazing given the short notice to organize ourselves and bake the cakes. These factors, along with the clothes drive that had been going on all of last week, have massively helped the relief aid that we provided. Of course we must thank our House Captains for helping the Tutor Groups be so enthusiastic about helping the Philippines, and we must also thank our Charity group for organizing our efforts, and giving their all in helping raise funds and clothes for the Philippines. ​ ​

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