Computing & RE overview

Computing and RE Curricular


At Westgate, using computers is factored into the curriculum delivery of all subjects. Westgate has 7 IT suites as well as ‘trolley’ based portable computers available across faculties and the primary phase.

At KS4 the Computing curriculum is delivered through a combination of Computing lessons, integration with other subjects and through personal development lessons.

The Personal Development lessons focus on the safety aspects and reporting of concerns.


All subjects use Computing as part of their curriculum access and delivery. Pupils will develop their knowledge often by using focused research requiring effective use of the internet. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their IT literacy and capability using subject relevant applications, particularly in Maths, Design & Technology and Media.

Most subjects make use of Computing for effective home learning management, exam preparation and revision helping develop skills required for both GCSE and beyond.

Developing and applying analytic, problem-solving, design, and computational thinking skills are part of the GCSE Computer Science course and in addition aspects of these skills are developed within other subjects including Maths and Science long term Curriculum map for Computing at the Westgate School 2022-23.

Further information on specific curriculums can be sourced by following the exam board links.

Long term curriculum map for Computing.
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Religious Education

​At The Westgate School, Religious Education aims to inspire all pupils to engage with life's big questions. We encourage all pupils to think deeply, creativity and to challenge each other's assumptions and misconceptions. Our aim is for all pupils to be able to develop an acceptance of a wide range of faiths and to develop an understanding of different cultures and belief systems.

RE is provided for all pupils in our school through dedicated curriculum time and, as part of our wider programme of Personal Development. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE and if you would like to do so, we welcome a discussion with you. Please use the email address marked "FAO the Senior Leader responsible for Curriculum - RE".

Long Term Curriculum Map for RE at the Westgate School 2021 -22
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