Design and Technology

Design and Technology

“Creative solutions for a sustainable future”

Our Design and Technology curriculum intends to:

  • Inspire and equip pupils with the skills to solve real world problems;

  • Empower pupils to be creative, innovative, ready to make mistakes and to learn from practical experience;

  • Provide opportunities for pupils to model proposals through testing and evaluation, with a high regard for resources and an understanding of their impact on the environment and the world around them

Course content:

From Year 7 pupils have the opportunity to explore different materials. We design and build items to a brief using an increasingly sophisticated range of techniques.

In Year 9 pupils may opt to spend more time and opportunity to develop their understanding of how designers produce pieces to match a design brief, consider new materials and deepen their understanding of the design process.

Then, in Year 10 pupils who choose to continue with our subject will begin the GCSE syllabus.


  • The course contains assessment during each topic

  • Practical and design skills will be assessed in a similar format to the GCSE non-exam assessment task

  • The opportunity to complete exam style questions

  • The final GCSE assessment: 2 hour written exam – 50% of GCSE and Non-exam assessment; 35- hour iterative design and make task 50% of GCSE.