Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

“Nutrition for a healthy future”

Our Food and Nutrition curriculum intends to:

  • Inspire pupils to gain knowledge and practical experience of preparing and making a wide range of creative, innovative and complex dishes that enable them to make informed and healthy choices about the foods they eat;

  • Enable pupils to think critically about the best ethical and moral choices.

  • Develop an understanding of the practical application of scientific principles of food preparation.

Course content:

The course provides an opportunity for pupils to prepare a wide variety of different dishes from Britain and abroad. We will investigate the functions of different ingredients as well as understand the foods that contribute to a healthy diet. Practical investigations and sensory analysis will also be carried out. In Year 9 we have more time to develop our understanding of the need for a balanced diet, in Year 10 we will deepen our understanding of food and nutrition and how to apply this when deciding on the food we eat.

The topics covered are:

  1. Food Preparation skills – preparing a wide range of interesting and exciting products

  2. Food Nutrition and health - How do we ensure that our diet is a healthy one?

  3. Food Choices - How are we influenced by food from other countries?

  4. Food Provenance - Where does our food come from and how can we make the most of seasonal produce?

  5. Food Safety – how do we prepare, cook and serve our food ensuring that it is safe to eat?

  6. Food Science – the chemical functions and physical properties of ingredients

All of the above topics are linked to each other, so they should not be treated as completely separate pieces of information. Most of this will involve ‘learning through making’. You will experience putting some of this knowledge into practice.


  • The course contains written assessments during the teaching of each topic, with exam type questions

  • Following practical lessons pupils complete a practical record sheet to evidence their skills and learning.

Pupils will cover the following topics: