Media Studies

Casting a critical eye over the ever-changing influence of modern media

At The Westgate School, our Media Studies Curriculum intends to:

  • Enable pupils to become critical and analytical readers of media texts.

  • Enable pupils all-through to question the way the media represents individuals and groups, and its power to manipulate audiences.

  • Enable pupils to create purposeful, effective media products.

Course Content in Year 9

Pupils learn about the theoretical frameworks (media language, representation, media industries and audiences) and discover how to apply them to media texts. In addition, they learn practical skills such as how to use Photoshop and how to produce a media product for a set brief.

Course Content in Year 10-11

Pupils are required to explore media language, representation, media industries and audiences. They apply theoretical frameworks to set texts from the exam board as well as unseen media products. In addition, pupils develop practical skills and produce a practical production using editing software and original images.

Course Skills:
  • How to deconstruct media texts;

  • How to use specialist terminology fluently and effectively;

  • How to apply theory to media texts;

  • How to explore how cultural ideas are built and reinforced;

  • How media texts are influenced by the context in which they are produced;

  • How to explore the impact of media on public opinion and behaviour;

  • How to explore the concept of representation;

  • How to create a successful practical production independently for the non-exam component of the course.


The Media GCSE consists of two exams collectively worth 70% and a non- exam assessment, completed within school, worth 30%.