“Where words fail music speaks”

Our Music curriculum intends to:

  • unlock musical potential in every young person to be creative and curious about music;

  • challenge pupils to think musically, enabling them to acquire and develop a deep understanding of how music works;

  • develop an appreciation of music styles and cultures, over time.

Music is constantly evolving, inspiring creativity and expression in a way that no other subject can. Our course offers pupils the chance to study a wide range of musical genres, with more opportunities for practical learning. During Year 9 pupils will be giventhe opportunity to consider in greater depth the practical and theoretical aspects of this wonderful subject so that in Year 10 they can then begin the GCSE syllabus.

Course content:

  • Pupils study the three key areas: musical listening and appraising; performance both solo and ensemble; composing.

  • Pupil will study key areas of music including Music for stage, Song writing, Samba and Afro- fusion. Through this pupil will develop skills of musical analysis using subject specific language and a basic knowledge of music theory.

  • The course includes regular opportunities to perform on their main study (instrument or voice) as well accessing music technology, new instruments and developing keyboard and percussion skills.

  • Composition tasks will be completed both individually and in groups, sometimes using music technology. Pupils will spend time developing the use of a variety of devices to develop musical ideas to fit both a genre and a musical structure.


The course contains an assessment at the end of each term (or genre studied). This will include a mix of assessed performances (both ensemble and solo), assessed compositions (live performance or realised using music technology) and listening and appraising questions.

There will also be an individual composition in the summer term based on a set brief and a performance on their main study.This mirrors the GCSE composing and performance-controlled assessment requirements.