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Curriculum - Secondary Phase

The curriculum at Westgate’s Upper School is uniquely shaped by the breadth of expertise available in its all-through setting.  We believe that the curriculum should enable all pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for a successful future therefore, it is designed to provide learners with a rich experience of different subjects and learning opportunities.

The Westgate School’s curriculum reflects two principles: firstly, of acquisition – where pupils are taught to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills in each subject domain in order to apply this learning to new situations; and secondly, participation – that pupils need to develop the skills to engage positively in different situations. In doing so, pupils further their learning and sense of belonging. In some subjects, such as Science, the emphasis lies more heavily on the acquisition of knowledge whereas in a subject such as Drama, the skills of participation pre-dominate. In every lesson we expect adults to consider how best to facilitate pupils’ active participation in their learning – including “thinking hard” – and, to use the School’s core approach to teaching and learning so that pupils experience a coherent learning journey.

In every subject, leaders are designing and evolving their curriculums based on the golden threads of learning from Year R to Year 11 in their particular domain. Planning is based on clear objectives, using misconceptions as opportunities for rich learning and, facilitating greater depth in pupils’ knowledge rather than greater curriculum coverage. The specified curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and KS4 syllabi however, the School believes strongly in ensuring that the ‘hidden curriculum’ – how pupils learn about themselves and society in the way that we organise ourselves as a school – has a positive impact on the individual child. We strongly believe that access to cultural capital is an entitlement of every pupil, and we are regularly reviewing our curriculum to increase opportunities to access learning about different cultures and diversity. We also have a specified ‘Wellbeing Curriculum’, which sets out the universal provision for all pupils, and we are developing our practice to facilitate even greater inclusion in extra-curricular provision in school. Moreover, as part of our ongoing learning, we involve pupils proactively in curriculum development through our received curriculum reviews and, our pupil leadership groups.

At The Westgate School our curriculum is not intended to lead learners to fulfil their potential: our intention is to unlock the individual’s potential and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to be able to learn in different situations throughout their lives.


View the Curriculum Intent.

Deep Learning and Discovery Days

We have four Deep Learning and two Discovery Days each year. 

During these days the timetable is adjusted to allow pupils to be immersed for a whole day in a specific area of learning that may be linked to their GCSE option choices, or may follow a whole school theme. During Deep Learning Days, it is not unusual to see older pupils working with younger pupils or indeed, learning in different settings and benefiting from the rich learning that our setting has to offer.

Discovery Days are more open ended and are designed to give our pupils an opportunity to explore a different aspect of the world around them. The two days are often planned for the last full days of the Summer Term and are themed around a broad focus. In 2021 the focus is Different Cultures. During these days we will be exploring cultures from around the world as well as celebrating multiculturalism in our own community.

All these extended learning opportunities will help pupils to develop skills such as team work and communication.

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