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Year Group Leaders



Key Stage 3





Leader of Y7

Mrs Fyvie-Rae

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Key Stage 3





Leader of Y8

Mr Damant

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Key Stage 4





Leader of Y9

Mr Searle

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Key Stage 4





Leader of Y10

Mr Sambrook

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Key Stage 4





Leader of Y11

Mr Howes

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Please note year leaders may change for the next academic year
Year 6 welcome

This video includes a virtual tour of the school and a presentation by
Mrs Fyvie-Rae Head of Year 7. 


Also during the video you will get to meet some key colleagues from our support team, house leaders and house captains.

Year Groups (7 -11)


The curriculum at Westgate's Upper School is uniquely shaped by the breadth of expertise available in its all-through setting.  There are several 'threads' that run through the curriculum and inform Westgate's teaching and learning.  In particular, colleagues adopt a Growth Mindset where pupils understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and learning and persistence. Pupils are encouraged to have high expectations of themselves and to develop resilience in their learning.

At The Westgate, we believe that the curriculum should enable all pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for a successful future. The curriculum is designed to provide learners with a rich experience of different subjects and learning opportunities. In Yrs 7 and 8 pupils follow balanced curriculum including the core subjects of English, Maths and Science alongside, a range of Foundation subjects including the Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages, the Arts, Technology, Digital Studies and Physical Education.  In addition, pupils are actively encouraged to participate in learning beyond the classroom including field trips and wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.  We aspire to all pupils becoming skilful and accomplished in their learning through focused practice and production of high quality work.

In Key Stage 4 (Yrs 9 to 11), pupils have the option to select from a range of subjects that they wish to pursue through to GCSE/examination level.  The core subjects of English, Maths and Science continue to form the backbone of the curriculum because we believe that all pupils should leave our school with a strong foundation in these subjects.  Owing to the structure of our extended Key Stage 4, we are able to afford pupils the time to deepen and extend their learning in their chosen subjects.  Pupils are encouraged to take a Modern Foreign Language and at least one Humanities subject alongside their choice of a range of practical and artistic courses.

Our school has a successful tradition of balancing high achievement in the academic disciplines within a rich ethos that also promotes practical subjects, such as Technology and Physical Education, as well as the expressive arts.  We believe the curriculum should ensure that pupils’ physical and emotional wellbeing is nurtured through their learning.  Pupils’ learning is enhanced by five Deep Learning Days which are calendared throughout the year, allowing pupils to immerse themselves in the learning of a particular subject.

The creative and performing arts hold a special place in Westgate's curriculum and provide opportunities for all pupils to create, perform and explore their emotions, imaginations and understanding of the world around them.  To enhance our arts curriculum, there are regular opportunities for pupils to experience school productions and musical events.  The School’s carol concert in Winchester Cathedral and annual drama production are some of the highlights of the school year.

Pupils' confident and assured use of new technology is developed through its application across the curriculum.  Discrete skills in coding and programming are taught with the aim of enabling all pupils to be confident in the use of technology.  If following Media Studies or Photography, pupils will also develop their creative skills using technology through the production of short films or through the use of digital media.

Pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural awareness is explicitly taught through our programme of Citizenship, PSHE and RE (CPR).  The tutor and house programmes afford opportunities for pupils to put into practise their learning in these areas by participating in a range of activities including supporting charity events and discussing current affairs.


The School actively promotes values and behaviours of tolerance and respect – preparing young people positively for life in modern Britain.  Through the School’s reporting system, surveys and Curriculum Group, pupils are encouraged to reflect and comment on their learning experiences in our school.  We believe this partnership is central to our success: learning together, achieving excellence.​​​​​





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