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The Westgate School tops the school league tables in Hampshire for GCSE outcomes!

With a Progress 8 score of 0.89, The Westgate School is the highest performing school in Hampshire for progress with the next strongest performance at 0.69. This means that across the 8 subjects decided by the government, pupils in The Westgate School achieve on average nearly a whole grade higher than the national average.

Furthermore, it is not only in progress that pupils at The Westgate School do extremely well: their attainment across 8 subjects is also extremely high too; it is the highest progress 8 of all state maintained and academies in Hampshire, and the third highest even when including Hampshire independent schools. We are also very pleased to say that our EBacc entry and average grade, is the also the highest of all maintained and academy schools in Hampshire. This reflects the exceptional outcomes achieved by pupils in the school.

Headteacher, Mrs Dean, said: "We are always incredibly proud of pupils in our school. To have achieved such stunning outcomes is a result of the incredible dedication of colleagues and the wonderful partnership we have with pupils and parents in our setting. We are delighted that young people leaving our school for the next stage of education or employment have the strongest of starts on which to build".


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