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Pupil uniform information


At The Westgate School we pride ourselves in a strong sense of community in which all pupils have a sense of belonging. Our uniform is a fundamental part of this ethos: it represents the principle that every pupil matters equally to us and nobody is privileged above another. Our expectations and aspirations of every pupil is high and we expect that pupils will treat one another with respect, kindness, equality and dignity. School uniform is symbolic of this belief. 


Parents can purchase school uniform from either of our two suppliers (necessary for standard items) as well as through our PSA. Some of our suppliers offer purchasing schemes and significant discounts on specified items for pupils who are in receipt of Free School Meals. The School also has a hardship fund to support families where finances may be stretched - please contact the school office if you would like to discuss the possibility of support. Items of uniform which are generic can of course be purchased from high street stores or online: we do however ask that parents ensure their child's clothing is consistent with the expectations set out in the uniform specification.

Purchasing uniform

Secondary Phase Uniform

Uniform Reminders

The Westgate School is proud of its pupils and believes that the uniform should reflect the high standards of our learning community. Consequently, all pupils attending The Westgate School are required to wear the correct uniform (including to and from school) without exception or negotiation.

We are proud of our supportive culture that enables us to work in partnership  with pupils and parents/carers in order to consider individual needs. If you would like to discuss this, please do not hesitate to contact your child's Year Leader. 

Pupils must have a bag that is suitable for carrying A4 exercise books and the equipment listed above - handbags are unsuitable.

We do not allow pupils to display extremes of fashion.  Extreme hair colour is any colour that is not natural; haircuts below grade 2, patterns cut into the hair style are not permitted at any time.

Please view the uniform visual reminder.

Outdoor Clothing and Other Information

Dark outdoor coat of plain colour only. Hoodies, leather, denim jackets and other clothing of this type are considered to be unsuitable and must not be worn. Hair must be tidy, in an appropriate style for school and must not reflect any extreme of fashion(of any colour).

In the Lower School and Years 7 & 8 makeup and nail varnish are not allowed. In Years 9. 10 & 11 makeup must be discrete (if it is noticed, it is too much), henna tattoos, artificial nails and nail varnish are not allowed.

Pupils may only wear one plain stud earring in each ear. Gauging/stretching and facial piercings are not 
permitted. Necklaces/chains/rings/bracelets, bangles etc, are not allowed. Pupils may wear a single charity wristband. Watches may be worn at the owner’s risk.  Hats/beanies/caps must not be worn in and around school. PE kit and school books are to be carried in a plain, dark ruck sack. Plastic bags, carrier bags and handbags must not be used.

  • Blazer ~ Black with school badge. New style blazer for all year 7 (September 2019 intake) available. 

  • Regulation knee length box pleat grey skirt (or new style skirt from year 7 onwards) or regulation grey trousers. 

  • Plain grey v-neck jumper with stripe around collar

  • Plain white shirt (not fitted) with conventional collar suitable for a tie

  • Plain black or neutral tights; Plain black, or grey ankle socks.


  • Burgundy clip-on tie with logo; any damaged ties must be replaced. 

Primary Phase Uniform


School's grey v-neck jumper with stripe around collar or cardigan with stripe around collar


Charcoal grey trousers or tailored knee length shorts


Burgundy polo shirt with school badge*


Charcoal grey, pleated knee length or charcoal trousers or pinafore 


Red gingham dress - Summer term to October half term


Plain grey/white socks or grey tights