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The Westgate Community Challenge and the Duke of Edinburgh scheme -Planned Personal Development

Duke of Edinburgh scheme


The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a nationally recognised scheme designed to extend the life experiences of young people. We are the largest DofE school centre in Hampshire, enabling pupils to gain both their Bronze and Silver accreditations. 


Participants choose to support our school community through volunteering to read with Lower School pupils or, by helping at after school clubs. We work with pupils in planning their routes, choosing and cooking their foods and how to pack and carry their loads over the two or three day journey. Throughout the whole adventure our large number of trained colleagues are on hand to guide and support.


The Westgate Community Challenge


Year 7 and Year 8 pupils participate in our Westgate Community Challenge which is modelled on the D of E Award. This scheme provides a clear pathway into the DofE as well as developing the ethos and outlook of our community.

Pupils are given 4 challenges for the year:

  • To participate in our overnight camp with their Tutor Group. In Year 7 this on our school site, in Year 8 we go to Fairthornes outdoor centre.

  • To volunteer to help others in the school- for example by joining one of our leadership groups, being a Tutor Rep, reading to Lower School children.

  • To participate in an aesthetic activity - this includes Drama, Music and the Arts.

  • To participate in a physical activity

To celebrate this participation pupils are able to gain a bronze, silver and then gold award. Additionally, by gaining these awards they gain points for their House. 

Steps to gain Westgate Community Challenge awards:

Bronze award

Overnight Camp with Tutor Group

Volunteer - 10 weeks

Aesthetic - 10 weeks

Sporting  - 10 weeks

Silver award

Overnight Camp with Tutor Group

Volunteer - 20 weeks

Aesthetic - 20 weeks

Sporting  - 20 weeks

Gold Award

Overnight Camp with Tutor Group

2 activities for 20 weeks, 1 for 30 weeks from:




Our House System

All pupils participate in the House system, are encouraged to participate in leadership groups - including those which review the School’s policies and, to make a wider contribution to our community through music, drama, sport and through other opportunities such as Eco Group, Charity Group and our Debating Club. 

We know that some of our pupils are participating outside of the school in some of these activities, and so, Tutors are able to sign off these commitments to enable every pupil to achieve. Progress towards the goals and achievements are celebrated regularly through the year as part of our assembly programme.

House Points
Air Shield.png
Air House
Earth Shield.png
Earth House
Fire Shield.png
Fire House
Water Shield.png
Water House
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