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Mr Howes

Leader of Y10
Mr Howes

My name is Mr Howes and I am Year Leader for Year 10. I am looking forward to continuing with my support of pupils during Year 10.​

Through our comprehensive tutor programme pupils will be given support with their college applications and revision and will also receive a 1:1 meeting each half term with their tutor to discuss any concerns with their studies or within the wider life of the school. 

The success of our journey is underpinned by good communication between school and home and the strong relationships between us that have developed over the last four years. 

​There are a number of important Partners in Learning events throughout the year which I would encourage you to attend so that you are able to support your child through their final year at The Westgate School.​Good partnership and communications remain key, so please do not hesitate to contact your child's tutor using to raise any questions.

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