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Mr Damant

Leader of Y11
Mr Damant

I am the Year Leader for Year 11 this year.

I am Mr Damant and I am Year Leader for Year 11. This is the final year of secondary school, before they go on and continue to flourish in the college of their choice. My job is to ensure that your child has the best possible experience in their education: that they enjoy their learning; they become a thoughtful, tolerant, resilient and kind person who contributes to both our school and the community, and they leave us with a variety of options for their future. There is no getting away from the pressure that pupils put themselves under in their final year, and it is vital that we work together to ensure they feel confidant, secure and supported. Whilst the exams are obviously important, it is also important to remember that they don’t define us.

We will have mock exams in November and core mocks in February. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns, however small they seem. The best way to catch me is through email: with my name included in the subject line.

I work in tandem with Miss Atkinson, Assistant Year Leader, my team of fantastic tutors, Faculty and Subject Leaders, and both parents and pupils. I am incredibly proud of the school and the ethos that we bring to education.

I also oversee the welfare of year 11, alongside our pupil support team. Monitoring, supporting and being proactive to ensure that we catch situations before they become serious is vital to our method of working.

Please could I ask that with school uniform we remember that skirts need to be knee length, the trousers mid grey, and that boys wear dark socks, not white socks. Also please be careful when buying shoes that they do not resemble trainers in any way! We do sell second-hand uniform through the PSA and we use standard suppliers - Skoolkit and Stitch logo as well as having our own PSA uniform shop. Please support us with getting our uniform right-it is so important in representing the discipline and pride we embrace at the Westgate All Through School.

Key dates for this year are:

  • Year 11 Partners in learning: Thursday 28th September 2023

  • Autumn Progress Checks published to parents: Friday 13th October 2023

  • Parents Evening: Thursday 2nd November 2023

  • Internal Exams start: Monday 20th November 2023

  • Core Internal Exams start: Friday 26th January 2024

  • Spring full Reports published to parents: Friday 2nd February 2024

  • Peter Symonds Interviews week commencing: Monday 5th February 2024

  • GCSE Art/photography/sculpture Exams begin: Monday 22nd April

  • GCSE Exams begin: Tuesday 7th May

I know that this fantastic year group will demonstrate their resilience, kindness and determination this year, representing the school ethos of respect, responsibility and tolerance, and I look forward to celebrating at Prom with them on Friday 28th June.

Best wishes

Mr. Damant

Year Leader Year 11

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