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Mr Searle

Leader of Y8
Mr Searle

Hello and welcome to year 8! My name is Mr Searle and I have the absolute pleasure of being a Year Leader at (in my opinion) the best school in Hampshire. This is my 3rd year group, having supported two previous year groups to achieve Westgate's best and 2nd best GCSE results to date.

​I do not shy away from the fact that I am competitive and want the very best for every child in my year group and our school. This includes their academic success, emotional wellbeing, and overall happiness. This is only achievable thanks to the brilliant team of tutors we have in year 8, and our brilliant Assistant Year Leader, Miss Humm.

Our aim is to develop and nurture a group of happy, aspirational, and independent learners who embrace a growth mindset approach towards everything they do.  Our vision in year 7 was:  "The Year 7 team will be team players who support each other, are confident with their learning and not afraid of failure.  They will embrace all that Westgate has to offer.” 

This vision is based upon an ethos of recognising that success is not always easy and that all pupils can achieve their goals if they work hard. We regularly use this iceberg illustration to depict this good partnership and communications remain key, so please do not hesitate to contact your child's tutor to raise any questions.

I look forward to guiding this fantastic year group through their time at Westgate and their eventually the GCSE exams.

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