In September 2013, The Westgate proudly launched its new House System.

Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in a range of events, working with older and younger pupils, competing for House Points and celebrating team spirit. Events include sports days, music competitions and drama events. Special days of working together with different year groups. At the end of each term we celebrate pupils’ involvement and contribution to our school community through their participation as a member of a House in a whole school assembly full of music, celebration and fun.  In addition to the extra-curricular opportunities, your son/daughter will also be linked to a House Leader who works closely with the Year Leader and Tutors to support him/her during their journey at our school.

This system allows The Westgate School's sense of community to blossom by creating more opportunities for pupils to work together and help each other. That might be in competitions but also in peer support groups, fostering relationships between all our pupils and enabling them to work with a wide range of people across all the year groups. There will be scope for activities, clubs and competitions in all subjects - hopefully there will be something to excite and engage every single pupil!

AIR - "The Sky is our limit!"

I am committed to encouraging EVERY pupil within our house to take leadership in their learning and cultivating a desire to achieve. I recognise that a sense of achievement is personal to each individual pupil and I will strive to offer opportunities for success, that cater for each and every member of my house. I will be looking for my house captains to take the lead and use The Westgate ethos in order to motivate their tutor groups to be the best they can be.

Finally I want every pupil within my house to know that I will be there to help in whatever way I can. I look forward to working with all of you and making Air the best house there is! "The strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team!" Collect those merits, earn those house points and enjoy your year! If you have any questions or ideas please email me or find me in the PE office.

My name is Mr Pullinger and I am delighted to be the new leader of Air house. I am excited to be working with such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of pupils and tutors and continuing the fantastic work Mr Green has started. This is my fourth year at The Westgate School, during this time I have led the school’s football teams and also been the Pupil Premium Co-ordinator. The achievements of Air house last year were fantastic and I believe that pride in our house, teamwork and a passion to succeed will lead us to continued success in the coming year. The key to success in any organisation are the people within it, for that reason I will be looking for ideas from you!