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EduLink is our school information platform providing quick and easy access to keep up to date with pupil and school information from your mobile device or browser.

All data within the EduLink service is encrypted and secured using the most up-to-date TLS 1.2 secure encryption technology.

Edulink allows parents to... 
Review home learning 

 Requires EduLink

Book parents' evenings

 Requires EduLink

Review pupil feedback & timetables

 Requires EduLink

Read letters & reports 

 Requires EduLink

Read exam entries & results

 Requires EduLink

How to access EduLink?

You can access edulink either by browser or app.

Access Edulink by browser such as Edge or Chrome

Accessing via Android and iOS devices:

How to login to Edulink

EduLink requires a 'school ID' which is ‘Westgate’.or our postcode 'SO22 5AZ'

Your username is normally the email address we hold for you. You will be issued with a temporary password. You’ll need to change this – please use something secure (it must be at least 8 characters).

A child’s personal data is protected under data protection law. 

Each parent with parental Responsibility will be provided with a login for EduLink as the service can provide access and editing functionality to a child’s personal data. If the school has not been able to verify Parental Responsibility for a parent, evidence will need to be provided.

Please ensure your email address is up-to-date with the school Office.  Please provide separate addresses for each parent if possible. 

If you have requested login details but have yet to receive an email please check junk folders and check your security functions are not redirecting emails from the school or Edulink as Spam.

If an EduLink login we sent you has expired, or you have forgotten your password completely, you can reset it via the "Reset Login" link on the EduLink home page. (Note: In the app, this link only appears once you've attempted to log in).

Update information

It is vital the school has up to date details.  You can use Edulink to keep your details up to date.

How to update your details

  • Click on the ‘Update Information’ Icon (which may be under ‘More’ if you are using a PC)

  • Click on your child’s name (if you have more than 1 at the school).

  • You can then check on the information that we hold about your child and make changes if necessary.

  • To update your own contact information click back onto your own name (if using a mobile or tablet scroll back to the top of the page and click to switch names).

  • When changing the address of yourself and your child please make sure to change it separately for each of you.

Absence reporting

The ‘absence reporting’ function allows you to report your child as absent or as having a late attendance without having to telephone the school.

How to report an absence 

  • Click on the ‘Absence Reporting’ icon.

  • You should then see a window. Enter the date of the absence and the time.

  • Type in a reason for your child's absence.


Under the ‘Contacts’ Icon you can view the contact information we have for you.

View your contact details

  • Click on the ‘Contacts’ icon

  • Check that the contact information we hold for you is correct.

  • To update your details please go back to the main menu and click on the ‘Update Information’ Icon


View current medical information we have on file

  • Under ‘Medical’ you can view all of the medical information we hold about your child.

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