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  • Support Vacancies

    Support Vacancies Early Years Assistant Nursery ​ Closing date: Learn More Early Years Assistant (Bank Team) Nursery ​ Closing date: Learn More Inclusion Support Assistant/Cover Supervisor See advert for details ​ Closing date: Learn More Cover Supervisor See advert for details ​ Closing date: Learn More Early Years Practitioner Nursery ​ Closing date: Learn More Senior IT Strategic Lead Whole School ​ Closing date: Learn More Work with us

  • Netball (Year 7-11)

    Netball (Year 7-11) Yr 7 - 9 Netball: Wednesday after school Yr 10- 11 netball: Monday after school Club enrol details will be found on the clubs section on Edulink. < Previous Enriching the Curriculum Secondary Clubs Next > Lead teacher: Mrs Birtwistle We run netball for anyone interested in developing their skill, having fun and spending time enjoying this great sport.

  • Primary Phase Clubs

    Enriching the Curriculum Primary Phase Clubs Primary Phase - Clubs & Activities ​We are very excited to be able to offer a large variety of extra-curricular activities. These clubs currently run both before and after school. There are clubs available for all pupils, but please be aware that some clubs specify which year groups are able to attend. You will be aware that some clubs are offered by teaching staff and that others are organised through outside agencies. We aim to offer as broad a range of clubs as possible however these may change on a termly basis, depending on staffing and availability of facilities. Clubs will not normally run in the first week of term and may occasionally need to be cancelled at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. Whilst we always try to give as much notice as possible and understand that last minute changes can cause logistical and childcare problems it is important to remember that these clubs are enrichment activities and are not intended as a childcare facility. Clubs are coordinated with our wraparound childcare so that children attending are escorted to wraparound after their club has finished. We offer a wide range of after-school activities, our clubs are popular and as a result are oversubscribed. We try to keep allocation of places fair for everyone and we will continue to review our processes to ensure that this remains the case. We do expect that the same high standards of behaviour and respect is expected from all pupils within these clubs with each other and the colleague running the club. These clubs are due to start the week of the 11th September 2023, they will run all through the year, unless otherwise stated by the club teacher or coach. Please see the clubs below and if interested or have any queries contact the coach / teacher named alongside each club. Art Club - Flying Colours (Yr 1-6) Learn More Mandarin (Yr 3-6) Learn More Squash Club (Yr 2-6) Learn More Wraparound (Yr R-6) Learn More Fencing (Yr 3-5) Learn More Multi Skills (Yr 1-3) Learn More StarzBallet®️- Dance Starz Classes (Year R to Year 11) Learn More Girls Football (Yr 1-6) Learn More Relax Kids - mindfulness classes (Yr 1-3) Learn More Street Dance - Integr8 - (Yr 3-6) Learn More Karate (Yr R-6) - Yr Rs after the first term Learn More Saints Football Foundation (Y 1-6) Learn More Tennis (Yr 3-6) Learn More

  • Rugby (Year 7-11)

    Rugby (Year 7-11) All Years: Wednesday after school Club enrol details will be found on the clubs section on Edulink. < Previous Enriching the Curriculum Secondary Clubs Next > We run an introduction to rugby course every Autumn Term, with competitive teams continuing throughout the Spring Term. The competitive teams participate in the Hampshire and Sevens competitions. For more information speak with Mr Searle

  • Becoming a Prefect | westgate-home

    Becoming a Prefect At The Westgate School, we are very proud of our Pupil Leadership opportunities. Pupil leaders are the very best ambassadors for the school and are the embodiment of our core principles and values. Pupil leaders are often called on to lead at school events such as Open Evening and Partners in Learning Evenings as well as supporting concerts, Year 6 Taster Days, Summer Camp and a wide range of other school events. ​ Pupils may become a Junior Prefect from the Summer Term of Year 9 and again in Year 10. Year 10 Prefects may then also apply to join the Senior Council in Year 11. ​ Our current Senior Council Leaders are: Head Pupil All Through - Alora Head Boy - Joe Head Girl - Scarlett Deputy Head Pupil All Through - Jasmine Deputy Head Boy - Tom Deputy Head Girl - Poppy ​ School Council and Other Pupil Leadership Opportunities There are so many other opportunities to develop Pupil Leadership skills at The Westgate School. As well as our prefect team, our House system requires House Captains for each of the four Houses: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Tutor Captains are also elected for each tutor group. Along with Senior Prefects, tutor captains sit on the School Council which meet every half term. Representatives from ECO Group, Charity Group, Curriculum Group, GSA and Well-Being Group are also invited to join the school council, so that a range of views from the pupil community are expressed and shared using this democratic forum. ​ The Westgate Contract ​ Prefect applications Senior Prefect applications: Applications to become part of the Senior Leadership team for the next year, open in February , including Head Boy, Head Girl and Head Pupil All Through. ​ Junior Prefect applications: To become a prefect, pupils from Years 9 and 10 may apply during the Spring Term . Experience and activities that would suggest you would be successful: Active involvement in the the school is essential if you are to be a member of the team. You can show this through being part of the school DofE programme , or having evidence of being part of one of our Leadership groups (e.g. Charity Group). Finally, having a Westgate Community Challenge badge is a sure sign you have engaged with us over the last few years and chould certainly be part of your application. ​ The qualities needed to be a prefect: Please refer to these qualities, along with your contribution to the school community, when you are applying for the role. ​ Integrity Integrity means honesty and more. It refers to having strong internal guiding principles that one does not compromise. It means treating others as you would wish to be treated. Integrity promotes trust, and not much is accomplished without trust. Communication Communication refers to both interpersonal communications between the individual and others both in the team and across the school community. A good leader needs to be proficient in both the communication that informs and actively listen to others. ​ Relationship building Relationships develop good interpersonal and group communications. A leader who likes dealing with people, who can initiate and deepen relationships with others, has a great leadership advantage. This is a leader who can build a team and build up trust among the team. ​ Persuasion The ability to influence others and cause them to move in a particular direction is a highly important skill in leadership. An ability to be persuasive is directly related to how much people trust you and how good your communication and relationships are. ​ Adaptability Adaptability and flexibility in not being bound by a plan are important success factors. A leader must move easily from one set of circumstances (the plan) to the next (if the plan is not going as expected) and take them all in their stride, even when the circumstances are unexpected. The good leader has to embrace change and see it as opportunity. Teamwork Teamwork is an important and often neglected part of being a prefect. Our community has a team of prefects who are part of and leaders within the school. No one person can do it all. That’s why a team, comprised of others with different skill sets, is essential. A leader must know how to build and nurture such a team. ​ Decision-making A leader must be able to wade through information, comprehend what is relevant, make a well-considered decision, and take action based on that decision. Once a team decision has been made the individual must fully support the group in carrying out the actions related. ​

  • StarzBallet®️- Dance Starz Classes (Year R to Year 11)

    StarzBallet®️- Dance Starz Classes (Year R to Year 11) Wednesday- Year R to Year 3: Thursdays Year 4 to 6 < Previous Enriching the Curriculum Primary Clubs Next > Dance Starz is a modern based syllabus with a funky twist covering various aspects of dance including flexibility, teamwork, choreography and fitness. We use recognisable chart music so has been a big hit with the older children. Designed for school-aged and following a structured lesson plan packed full of variety encouraging constant learning and progression. Parents are invited to watch the last class of the term when the children are also awarded their Starz Certificates of Achievement. Uniform isn't compulsory at Starz, anything comfy to dance in is fine (leggings and a t-shirt or their PE kit). We do sell personalised Dance Starz tshirts and jazz shoes via our website should you wish to purchase them. Experienced and qualified ballet tutor. There is a cost for these clubs of £22:03 per month. A free 3 session trial iss also offered. To book use the links below: Year R (Wednesday) - click here Year 1 (Wednesday) - click here Year 2 (Wednesday) - click here Year 3 (Wednesday) - click here Year 3 (Thursday) - click here Year 4 (Thursday) - click here Year 5 (Thursday) - click here Year 6 (Thursday) - click here Dance Starz Seniors (Thursdays) - click here Warm Wishes StarzBallet®️ | DanceStarz | |TapStarz | AcrobaticArts

  • Guitar Club (Year 7-11)

    Guitar Club (Year 7-11) Tuesday 1:15 - 1:45, Room A2 Club enrol details will be found on the clubs section on Edulink. < Previous Enriching the Curriculum Secondary Clubs Next >

  • Catering

    < Previous Parent Area Next > Catering Secondary Phase Menu Blue Dot £2.60 .pdf Download PDF • 15.78MB Blue Dot Meal Deal - Item List Sept 23 .pdf Download PDF • 382KB Innovate Cold Drink Tariff Poster .pdf Download PDF • 678KB Innovate Grab & Go Tariff Poster Sept 23 .pdf Download PDF • 612KB Innovate Homebaked & Sweet Treats Tariff Poster Sept 23 .pdf Download PDF • 656KB Innovate Jacket Potato Tariff Poster Sept 23 .pdf Download PDF • 399KB Secondary School Menu .pdf Download PDF • 2.19MB For Secondary Phase the New Cunningham’s CRB Fusion Mobile Pre Order App is available. Fusion online ​ Primary Phase Primary Phase pre-ordering Innovate ​ Primary School Menu .pdf Download PDF • 346KB Please contact the school for allergen information. ​

  • Maths

    < Previous Curriculum in-depth Next > Maths “Developing skilful, systematic problem solvers for life” Our Maths curriculum intends to: Cultivate a deep understanding and an enjoyment of the subject through a rich,problem solving-based curriculum which nurtures pupils’love of Mathematics; Ensure all pupils are able to use and understand Mathematics so that they can succeed both professionally and personally; Provide opportunities for applying abstract concepts to real world situations in order to grow all pupils’ resilience and confidence, creating inquisitive and effective thinkers. Secondary Choices Process Learn More Why learn Maths? Maths is a creative and highly interconnected discipline that has been developed over the centuries, proving the solution to some of history’s most intriguing problems. It is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. We provide pupils with a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of maths, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.Mathematics Course content: Over the our learning school pupils will develop their problem-solving skills,fluency and mathematical reasoning. As skills deepen, pupils are given the opportunity to explore the wonder that is available in all different branches of Mathematics. Specific topics covered are varied but will include various lines of enquiry. As we move into Year 9 there is more of an emphasis on developing skills to a greater depth in Mathematics, with pupils given the chance to fully explore the uses to which their skills can be put. For example, pupils will be taught how their mathematical skills can be used in other subjects – such as Science and Geography – as well as within their personal lives (such as managing personal finances) and future career pathways. Pupils will: Develop a deep understanding of place value, with an ability to calculate increasingly complex problems and cross curricular awareness of number in society. Develop a deep understanding of how to use algebra effectively to help in the solving of problems. Use a range of problem-solving skills to approach ratio and proportion problems. Use geometrical properties to solve problems leading to proof using theorems and prior geometrical information. Represent and interpret data in a variety of ways including the use of probability. EYFS | KS1 Content KS2 Content Year 7 & 8 Content Year 9 Content Year 10 & 11 Content Through our maths curriculum, we aim to develop pupils’ early mastery of maths skills together with a deep understanding and real enjoyment of mathematics. Pupils are provided with regular opportunities to apply their maths skills in a range of contexts. Pupils are taught using a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach in order to develop a deep understanding. Pupils are given opportunities to reason and apply their skills. Year 1 Scheme of Learning .pdf Download PDF • 561KB Year 2 Scheme of Learning .pdf Download PDF • 569KB

  • Drama Club (Year 8)

    Drama Club (Year 8) Friday. 3.00 - 4.15 pm. Year 8 Upper School Hall. Max. 40 participants. Club enrol details will be found on the clubs section on Edulink. < Previous Enriching the Curriculum Secondary Clubs Next > The Year 8 Drama Club is the perfect opportunity for Year 8s to enjoy working with people from across the year group who love Drama. The club will run on Fridays from 3.00-4.15pm and will involve a lively mix of games, exercises, improvisation and playmaking. Pupil leaders will be supporting teachers in running this club. Pupils who attend will have an opportunity to develop their confidence and skills in weekly games and workshops. It promises to be serious fun! Members of the Year 8 Drama Club will be encouraged to audition for this Year's School Production of Hairspray! The Club will pause during the production In the Summer Term, after 'Hairspray', the club will re-start and will explore scenes from 'Harry Potter and The Cursed Child'. There will be the opportunity to perform extracts in our Summer Arts Festiva l. We look forward to seeing you all there. Any questions - please speak to Mr Mills or Mrs Riddel

  • Our Home School Partnership & Agreement

    < Previous Parent Area Next > Our Home School Partnership and Agreement The school is entitled to expect that: The Westgate School is a community of learners where partnerships inspire success for all; learning together – achieving excellence. As a Pupil, you: ​ Are punctual and attend everyday Adhere to the School’s uniform Work with determination and commitment; complete home learning tasks and meet deadlines Take responsibility for your own learning, organisation and behaviour Are kind, honest and polite, showing considerate behaviour at all times Show respect for others, their possessions and the school environment Participate to the best of your ability in all school and House activities Tell us if you are worried or concerned about something Follow without question, the School’s safer use of IT policies Do not have your mobile phone/iPods etc out during the school day unless asked to use it by a teacher as part of a learning activity (including at break and lunchtimes); follow the School’s policy As a Parent, you: ​ Support the School’s ethos and policies - working in partnership with us Respect the roles and rights of individuals in school Avoid using forums like social media (including Facebook) to air any concerns/disagreements. Engage with the school in a way that reflects our expectations of pupils acting as positive role models in communication Ensure regular and punctual attendance by your child, avoiding holidays in term time Try to avoid making appointments for your child during the school day Ensure your child comes to school in full uniform and with appropriate equipment Do your best to provide the space and time at home to enable your child to complete their home learning tasks Endeavour to support school activities (parents’ evenings/concerts/events) Advise the school directly of problems/achievements/issues as they arise and work in partnership with us to resolve them Reply to school communications and supply information about absence preferably by phone immediately or by a note in the Pupil Handbook for Learning Read and sign the Pupil Handbook for Learning (every week in Secondary Phase) Read with your child regularly and sign their reading record book in the Primary Phase Avoid using mobile phones to contact your child during the school day: please use reception for messages Ensure that your contact details and medical information about your child are always up to date Pupils and Parents are entitled to expect that we will: Provide a happy, safe and caring environment for learning Provide effective teaching Effectively monitor your child’s progress Acknowledge your child’s efforts, achievements and progress Set appropriate home learning tasks Provide up to date information about school events Communicate (in a timely way) any concerns that may arise Deal with challenges in a professional, fair and consistent manner Make ourselves available to discuss any concerns you may have Report to you every day regarding your child’s punctuality, participation, home learning and uniform via our stamp system (Secondary Phase) Be available to talk briefly at the end of the day in the Primary Phase

  • Year Leaders

    Support Year Leaders Mrs Fyvie-Rae Leader of Y7 Learn More Mr Searle Leader of Y8 Learn More Mrs Birtwistle Leader of Y9 Learn More Mr Howes Leader of Y10 Learn More Mr Damant Leader of Y11 Learn More

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