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Secondary Phase Exam Information & Timetable

Examinations at The Westgate School

The School uses a wide range of assessment techniques to monitor pupil progress and help ensure all children continue to move forwards with their learning.  In addition to classroom-based assessment and tests, at key times throughout their secondary school journey pupils will take more formal mock examinations - these are a vital way of preparing pupils for what they will experience in their real GCSEs.  They help children develop their revision skills; their time management; their emotional resilience within exam conditions; as well as their exam technique - and they provide teachers will invaluable information which we use to inform our curriculum planning in the months leading up to the GCSE exams.

Pupils will sit formal mock examinations in:

  • The summer term of Year 10 (after the Year 11 GCSEs are finished)

  • The autumn term of Year 11 (a few weeks before the Christmas holidays)

  • February of Year 11 for English, Maths and Science only

Exact timetables will be published to pupils in the build up to each exam series and can be found below.  Tutors and colleagues within school will work with pupils to reassure, support and prepare them for these mock examinations, and parents will be provided with information in our Partners in Learning events throughout the year.

Additional information about the exams can also be found below.

Year 10 GCSE Mock Exams 2021
Year 10 Partners in Learning: Revision Evening April 2021

Year 11 Partners in Learning (Revision and Curriculum) - October 14th


The session outlined the changes to the GCSE examinations this year, as well as the proposed contingency plans which Ofqual will confirm in the coming weeks.


Finally, we outlined the mock exams and how to prepare for these and support your child through the process.

The presentation can viewed here: 
Year 11 Partners in Learning 2021


Exam Information

Attendance at exams

Attendance is vital in this last year. Every day missed has an effect and poor attendance clearly affects results. Even more important is ensuring that pupils attend all examinations and arrive in good time to ensure that they are mentally prepared to walk into their exams and achieve their best. We work closely with our Attendance Manager, and penalty issues may be issued, should attendance be poor.


​It is vital that you help and support your child plan and structure revision time, ensuring the build-up to both Mock exams and the real GCSEs is used effectively.

Work and well being

​Year 11 can be a stressful year as pupils prepare for their examinations. We follow a programme in Tutor time which tries to anticipate possible issues in terms of stress. Possible helpful site: - exam-stressanxiety

The Westgate School's Centre Policy


GCSE Assessment Guidance for Pupils and Parents


GCSE 8 Top Tips for Exams

Exam Information for Candidates - Coursework Assessments


Information for Candidates - Non-examination assessments


Privacy Notice Information


Information for Candidates - Using Social Media


Information for Candidates - Written Examinations


Unauthorised Items in an Examination Information


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