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At The Westgate School we pride ourselves on excellent Pastoral Care, for each and every pupil. We are also looking for more ways to support and connect with the parents and carers that care for our pupils. We offer a number of opportunities to come together, to challenge, inspire, encourage and share together.


Open Parenting Workshops

These evenings happen once every half term and are led by our Head of Pupil Support , Andy Hider - they will cover a different topic each evening and have an opportunity to ask questions, to share as parents and to pick up tips and strategies. These evenings are open to anyone (including from other schools) and they will be promoted through Parentmail. Andy also writes a series of Parenting Tips drawn from his experience in his work and from the evenings with our parents.

There are no perfect parents - in fact we all need support in decisions, experiences and day to day trials with our teenagers. Please let Andy Hider know if you would like to come along and feel free to invite neighbours and other parents.

Andy Hider

Anxiety Workshops with Lorraine Lee

To view the useful hand outs from these successful anxiety workshops please click;

Anxiety Strategies


Understanding Anxiety

GROUP:  Student Assistance Programme

‘Group’ has been running in the Westgate School since 2002. It is a six-week course, which creates a safe place for pupils to share their thoughts, feelings and concerns. Our aim is to take every pupil in Year 7 through the course, which then gives them a firm foundation to continue into the older years.

The Course looks at different aspects of their lives and allows them to simply share what’s going on. As we look at different themes such as feelings, control, defences, forgiveness and families, the individuals grow in confidence and self-esteem, as they start to share and listen to other members of the group. Barriers that may have been formed before group, are broken down, as pupils become more aware of people around them, who are facing different issues. The feedback from Group has been outstanding:


“I think that everyone should do Group because even if you don’t think you have problems, it gives you the chance to reflect and contemplate on experiences you have had.”


“Group helped me understand my feelings better and I know that it is OK to feel angry or sad but that moving on is what makes you a better person.”


“I just really enjoyed it – I feel far more confident about talking to people now.”


“It was a wonderful experience and I actually realised that I am a pretty cool person!”


The six sessions are:

Personal History - looking back at what they have been through in life


Feeling - how do we express how we feel – learning to own our feelings Defences/control – what defences do we use to protect our feelings and how do we control others around us and step out of people controlling us?


Families - looking at how are families have influence over us


Defences and Control - Learning to lower our defences to allow people to see how we feel and recognising that many things are out of our control and we need to let go. 

Forgiveness - how we need to let go of the past and its hurts


Certificates - feedback to each other and awards


At The Westgate we take any form of bullying seriously. Whether it is verbal, physical, emotional or any form of cyberbullying (phones, online etc) Around school we have a simple reminder if pupils are or see people, getting bullied.


R.A.T. - The 'R' is for Record. We encourage pupils to record down what is going on. Sometimes that is hard, but it is vital to get an idea of who is doing what and when. This can be shown to a prefect, parent, a tutor, Head of Year or one of the Pastoral Team at school. The 'A' is to Ask for help. Don't ever go through things on your own. Talk to someone at home or at school, just pop a note in Andy's box and it will get dealt with immediately. Finally the 'T' is for Take Responsibility. Don't just ignore what is happening or hope it will go away. Be responsible and stand up for what is right.

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