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StarzBallet®️- Dance Starz Classes (Year R to Year 11)

Wednesday- Year R to Year 3:

Thursdays Year 4 to 6

Dance Starz is a modern based syllabus with a funky twist covering various aspects of dance including flexibility, teamwork, choreography and fitness. We use recognisable chart music so has been a big hit with the older children. Designed for school-aged and following a structured lesson plan packed full of variety encouraging constant learning and progression.

Parents are invited to watch the last class of the term when the children are also awarded their Starz Certificates of Achievement.

Uniform isn't compulsory at Starz, anything comfy to dance in is fine (leggings and a t-shirt or their PE kit). We do sell personalised Dance Starz tshirts and jazz shoes via our website should you wish to purchase them.

Experienced and qualified ballet tutor.

There is a cost for these clubs of £22:03 per month. A free 3 session trial iss also offered.

To book use the links below:

Year R (Wednesday) - click here

Year 1 (Wednesday) - click here

Year 2 (Wednesday) - click here

Year 3 (Wednesday) - click here

Year 3 (Thursday) - click here

Year 4 (Thursday) - click here

Year 5 (Thursday) - click here

Year 6 (Thursday) - click here

Dance Starz Seniors (Thursdays) - click here

Westgate Wednesadays
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Westgate Thursdays
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