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Our Home School Partnership and Agreement

The school is entitled to expect that:

The Westgate School is a community of learners where partnerships inspire success for all; learning together – achieving excellence.

As a Pupil, you:

  • Are punctual and attend everyday

  • Adhere to the School’s uniform

  • Work with determination and commitment; complete home learning tasks and meet deadlines

  • Take responsibility for your own learning, organisation and behaviour

  • Are kind, honest and polite, showing considerate behaviour at all times

  • Show respect for others, their possessions and the school environment

  • Participate to the best of your ability in all school and House activities

  • Tell us if you are worried or concerned about something

  • Follow without question,  the School’s safer use of IT policies

  • Do not have your mobile phone/iPods etc out during the school day unless asked to use it by a teacher as part of a learning activity (including at break and lunchtimes); follow the School’s policy 

As a Parent, you:

  • Support the School’s ethos and policies - working in partnership with us

  • Respect the roles and rights of individuals in school

  • Avoid using forums like social media (including Facebook) to air any concerns/disagreements.

  • Engage with the school in a way that reflects our expectations of pupils acting as positive role models in communication

  • Ensure regular and punctual attendance by your child, avoiding holidays in term time

  • Try to avoid making appointments for your child during the school day

  • Ensure your child comes to school in full uniform and with appropriate equipment

  • Do your best to provide the space and time at home to enable your child to complete their home learning tasks

  • Endeavour to support school activities (parents’ evenings/concerts/events)

  • Advise the school directly of problems/achievements/issues as they arise and work in partnership with us to resolve them

  • Reply to school communications and supply information about absence preferably by phone immediately or by a note in the Pupil Handbook for Learning

  • Read and sign the Pupil Handbook for Learning (every week in Secondary Phase)

  • Read with your child regularly and sign their reading record book in the Primary Phase

  • Avoid using mobile phones to contact your child during the school day: please use reception for messages

  • Ensure that your contact details and medical information about your child are always up to date 

Pupils and Parents are entitled to expect that we will:

  • Provide a happy, safe and caring environment for learning

  • Provide effective teaching

  • Effectively monitor your child’s progress

  • Acknowledge your child’s efforts, achievements and progress

  • Set appropriate home learning tasks

  • Provide up to date information about school events

  • Communicate (in a timely way) any concerns that may arise

  • Deal with challenges in a professional, fair and consistent manner

  • Make ourselves available to discuss any concerns you may have

  • Report to you every day regarding your child’s punctuality, participation, home learning and uniform via our stamp system (Secondary Phase)

  • Be available to talk briefly at the end of the day in the Primary Phase

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